This is a screen shot of youths playing "chicken" from a video sent to police by a local resident.

TREDYFFRIN — Over the past several days, Tredyffrin Township police have received several reports of groups of juveniles riding their bicycles into opposing traffic and playing “chicken” with oncoming vehicles in the Chesterbrook development. This is a screen shot from a video sent to us by a concerned citizen; to protect their identities we will not share it in full, but in this particular incident the group deliberately forced the driver to stop in the roadway to taunt them.

"We understand that kids will be kids, and we even appreciate that they’re wearing helmets, but this behavior is unacceptable, dangerous, and illegal and will not be tolerated," said T. Michael Beaty, police superintendent.

Tredyffrin police are urging parents to speak with their children about this issue.

"You do not want to receive a phone call or visit from us if your child is caught doing this, and we really don’t want to make a visit to inform a parent their child was hurt while doing this," Beaty said.

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