“The wheels on the bus may go round and round.” But of late, some of the buses seem to have a flat tire.

The pandemic and the coronavirus has turned our world upside down. We have or are learning how to cope in the best ways possible. We can always count on change — the good and the bad.

I started writing for The Phoenix in 1996. My first assignments were to cover my growing up years — along with featuring foods of the rich ethnic mix of people within the area.

The first articles were entitled “Downtown Kitchen.”

This title fanned out to cover most of my undertakings and became my trademark name.

I was hired by Lynn Vanderburg the publisher of The Phoenix at that time. She told me if a column lasts a year it was considered a success. Well here it is 24 years later, almost 25 years and I am still with the paper. Had a short hiatus for a time in the mid-2000s. I seem to have run out of things to share at the time.

I have shared stories, recipes, and tips in the paper which then led to ten years with my two TV cooking shows — “Downtown Kitchen” (3 years) and “Look Who’s Cooking” (7 years).

It has been a long and successful venture both for me and I hope for the readers and audiences. My four published cookbooks were pulled from some of the articles. The book featured such things as “Neighborhood Kitchens” — 150 interviews of family and friends. Along with “Downtown Kitchen,” “2 Cups of Yesterday” and “3 Cups of Yesterday.”

We learned about places, foods and customs from around the world as well. Most recently the articles were “At the Table.“ This gives us an opportunity through interviews to hear about area persons of interest.

Due to the coronavirus, the last interview I had an opportunity to do face-to-face was in mid-March.

From March to through last week one interview was picked and reprinted with an update for that person.

Sometimes things need to change as not become placid and boring. Starting next week — November 1st — a new series of articles will be shared called “XYZ of COOKING.” Once again, I will be sharing stories, recipes, tips. Please let me know if you have any areas of interest or any questions.

Hopefully, when things settle down and the world becomes a little healthier — resuming interviews are quite possible. Contact me if you are interested to be on the waiting list or know of someone you would like to have on the list.

Now more than ever we find ourselves staying home — in our kitchens — by yourself or with family you need to eat. Adding new ideas and information will help bond us together.

Remember to keep your kitchen and work area clean — wash your hands and wear that mask!

Contact columnist Bette Banjack at banjack303.verizon.net. Search YouTube – with BetteBanjack as well as phoenixvillenews.com (search bar Banjack). She can also be found on Facebook.

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