Most of us don't like the present conditions and we have been waiting much longer than the maxim requires for something better to happen. We have asked scientists whatever happened to global warming. They answer that we have had but eight days of record lows this winter as compared to 29 a century ago. It doesn't help!

The solution may be found by watching current bird migrations from the Phoenixville area. The sensible ones plan to migrate South while the more hardy and younger flock travel to the Northern regions. Being a lifelong member of the Southern cousins, I'll share my daydreams with you who may be able to take advantage of sports in the warmer climate.

The Caribbean Islands are the place to be when the thermometer turns to single digits and you can hardly move your own, despite thermal gloves.

Swimming is one of the world's most beneficial and enjoyable sports. For those who prefer to breathe clear air unpolluted by chlorine or bromine (it's better than nothing), you will enjoy daily workouts in the beautiful, pristine waters of the Caribbean Islands area. For those who have never experienced bathing in clean and clear ocean water, be warned that you won't be as happy entering the murky Atlantic off the eastern seaboard again. Nassau Island in the Bahamas is one of my personal favorites. Pick any of several excellent resorts and begin a magical vacation in the "Land of the Sea and Sun," to quote a favorite song.

The first item on the agenda is a bike and hike. Rent a Moped, pack a lunch and bathing suit and secure a map of the island not produced by a tourist agency. As you ride along the rural roads surrounding the various beaches, ask directions from the local population. If they say tourists never go there, check it out. When you have found a remote portion of paradise, stop for a swim. You will be guaranteed a trip above and below the surface that will amaze you. If you add a snorkel to the backpack, dive and play with the colorful array of fish in water so clear that you can see a quarter on the bottom at 25-feet.

Having gotten your first exercise, check out the resort's program for the week. There is nothing like a tennis match with the soft tropical breezes keeping you cool despite the blazing sun. Don't forget the sun block lotion or your adventures will be curtailed. My wife enjoys horseback riding on the beach and never misses that opportunity preferring early morning on twilight rides. Volleyball is another popular beach sport at most resorts. Usually there are various levels of play available at different times.

Of course, all these activities are interrupted by a refreshing interlude in the ocean. Body surfing is also an active sport on a day when the waves are suitable. A disturbance out in the Atlantic can change a placid pool of azure, tepid water into angry waves to challenge the most experienced board surfer.

Each Caribbean Island has its own special enchantment and activity for visitors. Mountain climbing to the top of El Yunque in Puerto Rico, fishing off Grand Cayman Island where the bottomless Atlantic shelf comes close to the shoreline or walking to popular tourists spots where many cultures blend together will make you forget the local snow and cold.

We must give some space to the Snow Birds who travel North for their winter exercise.

Local ski areas are enjoying a perfect winter. Many folks go to area venues while some travel to various Pennsylvania mountain sites for their frozen fun. It's only fair to share a ski experience during the 60s.

After a heavy snowstorm closed schools for a week, one segment of our family were ski enthusiasts so we traveled to Grosstal Resort near Olean, New York, as in north of Bradford (the ice box of Pa.). Several members of the Green Bay Packers and Cleveland Browns were part owners of the enterprise. One of the few highlights of the trip for this non-skier occurred when one of the huge Cleveland tackles created havoc on the bunny slope as he was constantly out of control.

The ski instructor was a close family friend but he gave up on both of us. That was my last ski trip but I admire those who find skiing and snow boarding fun.

Now it's time to shovel the Sunday slush.

An afterthought: I'll bet the Eagles wish they were playing in the St. Louis dome tonight (Sunday).

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