CHARLESTOWN - With just two weeks of regular season play left, teams are fighting for playoff contention in the Valley Forge Christian College Men's Summer Basketball League.

Chris Meszaros of Countryside Realty has emerged as the lone top team after several teams falter this week. Metro Med, Inc. and Bella Napoli Pizzeria each suffered upset setbacks to hold a tie for the second seed along with Integrated Promotions. Miller Flooring Company is coming on strong late in the season, and Phoenixville Federal Bank and Trust is hanging tough in the sixth seed. Crown Trophy and Mishock Physical Therapy round out the teams in playoff contention as of Friday, July 13, but no teams have been eliminated from playoff contention yet. Games are hosted in the VFCC 'Pit' Gymnasium on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights in July, beginning at 7 p.m.

Tuesday, July 10 Wrap-ups: Game 1: Bella Napoli Pizzeria (108) vs. Embassy Suites Philadelphia – Valley Forge (63)

This week's opening game was controlled by Bella Napoli from start to finish. Leading Bella Napoli was Neil Halberstadt, who finished with a game-high 26 points, followed by Mike Gary and Jon Hogga, who each finished with 15 points. In the loss, Embassy Suites' David Watson finished with a team-high 20 points.

Game 2: Crown Trophy (89) vs. Dave Hoffman's Auto Repair, Inc. (29)

After a back and forth beginning to the first half of play, Crown Trophy held the halftime advantage 32-21 over Dave Hoffman's, but the second half was all Crown Trophy as Dave Hoffman's had scoring difficulties and dropped only eight second-half points. Crown Trophy was a one-man scoring machine as Matt King finished with a game-high 28 points, almost outscoring the entire Dave Hoffman's team by himself.

Game 3: Integrated Promotions (64) vs. Metro Med, Inc. (66)

Metro Med opened the game with championship-like intensity, as they opened to a 23-4 lead in the first 10 minutes of play, but Integrated Promotions fought back to knot the halftime score at 30 apiece. Integrated opened the second half with a 15-3 run of its own, but Metro found a way to win, taking over the top spot in the league….momentarily. Pushing Metro Med to victory was Jimmy Connolly, who finished with a game-high 20 points, followed by Will Furey (14) and Justyn Mitchell (13). In the loss, a trio of VFCC alumni led the scoring for Integrated Promotions: James Fulton (18), Jerome Monroe (15) and Latrell Alford (13).

Wednesday, July 11 Wrap-ups: Game 1: Integrated Promotions (71) vs. Miller Flooring Company (52)

Both teams opened the game going bucket-for-bucket during the first several minutes of play. Late in the first half, Miller Flooring jumped to a slim lead and held that lead going into the half. Integrated Promotions, this season's 'second-half team', picked up its game after the break and coasted to the double-digit win. Latrell Alford led all scorers with 24 points for Integrated Promotions. Alford was followed by Tyrell Lacey, who added 20 points. In the loss, Miller Flooring was led by Pat McGee and Rasheed Wilkins, who finished with 16 points and 12 points, respectively,

Game 2: Chris Meszaros of Countryside Realty (73) vs. Mishock Physical Therapy (64)

A detailed synopsis of tonight's game was not available. In the loss, Kevin Mack led all scorers with 23 points for Mishock PT, followed by Isaiah Carson, who finished with a season-high 16 points. Corey Gordon (22), Andrew Meszaros (20) and Nick Quigley (16) led Countryside Realty to victory.

Game 3: Metro Med, Inc. (93) vs. Phoenixville Federal Bank and Trust (96)

In the game of the week, Phoenixville Federal was looking to upend the 2011 champions after having played some competitive games in the past few weeks. Metro Med held the lead at the half, but Phoenixville Federal kept the game close through much of the second half, and after tying the score at 86 with three minutes to play, found a way to pull off the upset and secure a spot in the postseason playoffs.

Leading Phoenixville Federal to the upset win was team captain John Boyd, who finished with a game- and season-high 38 points. Boyd was followed by Jimmy Hammer and Goran Dulac, who each finished with 19 points. In the loss, Metro Med was led by Jimmy Connolly, who finished with 30 points, Justyn Mitchell (25) and Sean Butkus (21).

Thursday, July 12 Wrap-ups: Game 1: Dave Hoffman's Auto Repair, Inc. (64) vs. Phoenixville Federal Bank and Trust (69)

Phoenixville Federal, coming off of a huge upset win, found itself up big over Dave Hoffman's Auto Repair at the halftime break. Dave Hoffman's, which is also a playoff contender, was able to climb back into the game against a bigger, stronger Phoenixville Federal team, but ran short on time as Phoenixville Federal held on for the win. John Boyd followed up his season high performance from the previous night, with another 30-plus performance, finishing with 31 points. Fran Rafferty and Goran Dulac each contributed 17 points. Matt Crider and Brad Beard led Dave Hoffman's with 16 points apiece.

Game 2: Bella Napoli Pizzeria (66) vs. Miller Flooring Company (71)

Miller Flooring controlled the game through much of the first half. Bella Napoli was able to bounce back and held a slim halftime lead. In the second half, Miller Flooring again came out strong and challenged Bella Napoli on both sides of the ball. After opening a nine- point lead, Miller Flooring was able to hold on for the upset win, securing itself a spot in the postseason as well. Rasheed Wilkins and Pat McGee led Miller Flooring to the win, finishing with 22 and 18 points, respectively. In the loss, Tom Murphy finished with a game- high 26 points, while Gary Lynch followed with 15 points.

Game 3: Crown Trophy (66) vs. Mishock Physical Therapy (50)

Mishock PT, dropping in the standing lately, was looking to secure a postseason spot over contender Crown Trophy, but this was not the night as Crown was able to open a double-digit halftime lead. Mishock, playing with no bench, was unable to get anything going and fell to Crown Trophy, which has now locked up a spot in the postseason.

Leading Crown Trophy was season scoring leader Jon Crabtree, who finished with 24 points. Kevin Mack tried to keep Mishock PT in the game, adding 21 points to his season tally.

2012 Team Standings Chris Meszaros of Countrywide Realty 5-1

Metro Med., Inc. 5-2 Bella Napoli Pizzeria 5-2

Integrated Promotions 5-2 Miller Flooring Company 4-2

Phoenixville Federal Bank & Trust 4-3

Crown Trophy 3-3 Mishock Physical Therapy 1-5

Dave Hoffman's Auto Repair 1-6 Embassy Suites Phila. - VF 0-7

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