PHOENIX STAFF REPORTPHOENIXVILLE -- Approximately 100 players began play in the annual "Orange Crush" Tennis Tournament Monday at the local courts.

Matches were played at the Leo J. Scoda Courts at Phoenixville Area High School, Fisher Courts on Manavon Street and at the Kimberton Park nets.

The first day of match play focused on all singles divisions. Doubles play will start on Wednesday. Action will continue throughout the week.

Tournament directors are Ben Potts, Casey Chew and Leo Scoda. The tournament is sponsored through the Phoenixville Borough Recreation Department.

Spotlight matches were in boys and girls 12-year-old singles divisions. In boys 12, Josh Granese defeated Mike Pinelli 6-5 (8-6 tiebreaker). In girls 12 singles, Danielle Hedegard outlasted Allison Seigal, 21-17.

Boys 10 Singles

First Round

Liam McIntyre def. Daniel So, 16-8; Joey Vaile def. Eric Albert, 16-12.


Liam Pattinson def. Liam McIntyre, 21-10; Joey Vaile def. Adam Mirabile, 21-17.

Boys 12 Singles

Josh Ziev def. Dan Dreisel, 6-4; Patrick Murphy def. Ryan Driver, 6-0; John Hopkins def. Liam Bonner, 6-0; Nick Vaile def. Jimmy Trainer, 6-2; Josh Granese def. Mike Pinelli, 6-5 (8-6).

Boys 14 Singles

Doug Reeves def. Dan Drelser, 8-0; Austin Moore def. John Hopkins, 8-6; Jeff Potts def. Josh Granese, 8-0; Brendan Stone def. Patrick Murphy, 8-0; Chris Walsh def. Nick Giampietro, 8-4; Karlyn Small def. Ryan Starczewski, 8-0; Mike Gi

ampietro def. Austin Starczewski, 8-1; Ryan Cadigan def. Shae Ferguson, 8-4.

Boys 16 Singles

Ryan Cadigan def. Norris Hua, 8-0; Andrew Pilcicki def. Sean Finnegan, 8-7 (10-8); John McInally def. Shae Ferguson, 8-0; Mike Reeves def. Brendan Stone, 8-3; Kyle Aldridge def. Liam Snead, 8-0; Brian Schanzenbach def. Chris Walsh, 8-4.

Boys 18 Singles

Anthony Nemanic def. Andrew Garmer 6-0, 6-0; Mike Reeves def. Drew Pilcicki 6-0, 6-0; John McInally def. Christian Mirabile 6-1, 6-4; John Reading def. Matt Pilcicki 6-0, 6-0; Kyle Eldridge def. James Churgai 2-6, 6-1, 6-1; Yusuf Brown def. Brian Schanzenbach 6-4, 7-5; Michael Potts def. Sean Finnegan 6-1, 6-4.

Girls 10 Singles

First Round

Courtney Stevens def. Adiana MacKenzie, 16-3; Caroline Cadigan def. Keri Marini, 16-7; Julia Kennedy def. Jessica Eldridge, 16-10.

Madison DiAddezio def. Cecelia Bauer, 16-9.

Girls 12 Singles

First Round

Carolyn Groener def. Lindsey Cathcart, 21-3; Katie Fritsche def. Sarah Reed, 21-12; Danielle Hedegard def. Allison Seigal, 21-17; Olivia Teter def. Caroline Cadigan, 21-13.

Molly Meehan def. Carrie Hytha, 6-1.

Second Round

Megan McNabb def. Carolyn Groener, 6-1; Katie Fritsche def. Julia Teter, 6-1; Courtney Stevens def. Danielle Hedegard, 6-1; Taylor Jeffries def. Olivia Teter, 6-0.

Girls 14 Singles

Jessica Bauernschmidt def. Andrea Bonner, 8-0; Belin Mirabile def. Carrie Johnston, 8-1; Amanda Mirabile def. Shannon Horgan, 8-0; Allison Henry def. Melissa Quinnen, 8-1; Julie McNabb def. Michelle Brooks, 8-0; Gabriella Pattinson won by default; Megan McNabb def. Hao Ngo, 8-0; Danielle Domarasky def. Lorraine Loux, 8-1.

Girls 16 Singles

Janine McNabb def. Alayna Highley, 8-0; Julie McNabb def. Chelsea Davis, 8-0.

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