Her name is Mya Constantino. She's a 6'2" center who rebounds and passes like a young Bill Walton. She has Oscar Robertson's jump shot, Larry Bird's leadership skills and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's number.

"I wanted number 3, but the jersey was too small," she says with a smile that could light up any auditorium.

"We are just so proud of her," Ed Mathews, Kimberton's athletic director said. "She's the best player the school's ever had, but she's so much more.

According to Mathews, Mya's versatility and variety of interests are much more important that her 17.7 points per game.

"She's a very good student, " Mathews said. "She's good in art, she had several solo performances on the flute, and she's excellent with horses. She's just the type of student we try to foster here at Kimberton."

Mya agrees that Kimberton-Waldorf has been the perfect fit for her.

"Kimberton is a school that prepares you for life, not just college," she said. "I've valued growing with the same 26 kids since the first grade," she added. "That in itself is an amazing experience - we're like brothers and sisters."

And her extended family has enjoyed watching Mya play basketball.

She started playing for school teams in the fifth grade. By the time she was a freshman, she was already six-feet tall. She been a starter ever since, and a league all-star since 10th grade.

"Mya's been an invaluable asset to this team," basketball coach Lawrence Sheen said.

"Most of her teammates have known each other since the first grade, and Mya's been playing with them for years," Sheen said. "A lot of their ability they've learned from Mya. She'd make a great coach."

But first there is college.

Though many Division I teams would be interested in a player with Mya's ability, she says she would prefer Division III.

"I want the balance between school and basketball," Mya said.

With the big money involved with Division I scholarships, the pressure on athletes to dedicate their efforts solely on their sport is tremendous. Mya said she would prefer to forego the scholarships so she can have a complete college experience.

"I'm interested in medicine," she said crediting her mother, a nurse, for influencing in this area.

"But I'm also interested in philosophy," she added, giggling at the obvious difference between the two interests.

Which direction will she go?

"That will be for me to find out," she said with that smile. "I'd like to experience a wider perspective, then decide."

The one thing that is certain, she will be missed at Kimberton.

"We'll have to restructure the whole team, play a different system," Sheen said. "She will be greatly missed."

Somehow you get the feeling, however, that the relationship between Mya Constantino and her friends and faculty at Kimberton-Waldorf will not end with graduation.

After all, they're family.

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