On Sunday April 7, we got the privilege to watch a Philadelphia Wings Lacrosse team. The Wings Lacrosse team played the Minnesota Swarm team. It was very interesting to watch. It was unlike how the Native Americans used to play.

The sport lacrosse originated from an American Indian game where the players used a stick with netting in it to toss a deerskin ball into the other team's goal. This sport was not played for fun though. This sport was actually used as a type of training for warriors before they went into battle. The thing was, the defeated team would lose their family.

The difference between today and back in the olden times, back then you would lose your family members but now you don't.

Moving forward a couple hundred years we have the Philadelphia Wings and the Minnesota Swarm going against each other like the Indians did. On the same land as the Delaware Indians, also known as Leni Lenape, used to roam. Many things have changed about lacrosse but mainly the rules have continued to be the same.

Before the lacrosse game even started we had a tour. The guide took us up a couple floors in a HUGE elevator that could probably fit a bed, a fridge and a TV set all together and still be able to fit people. The elevator was so HUGE, you could fit a room in there.

Anyway we went all the way to the top floor. There was a thin balcony that wrapped around almost the whole stadium up there. We all walked onto the balcony and peered down. We saw the players warming up and we saw many people getting in their seats so they could watch the game. We then walked along the hallway and learned about some of the rooms. We peered inside the control room and saw a couple people sitting at computers working on the lighting and the sounds.

In the 1st quarter of this game the Wings tried to get 14 shots, unfortunately they only got 5 goals. In the same quarter the Swarms tried for 12 shots, but they only got 2 goals. Not a bad effort, though with the Wings leading the game.

In the 2nd quarter the Swarm blocked 10 of the wings shots, the Wings only earning 1 goal. The Swarms tried 14 shots and scored a whopping 6 goals. By halftime the Swarms were ahead 8-6.

As we moved onto the 3rd quarter the Wings pulled ahead to score 4 goals out of the 7 shots taken while the Swarms only got 2 goals out of their 11 shots. The Wings and the Swarm had now tied 10-10. Talk about a battle!

The last quarter came quickly and the Wings won a miraculous game by getting 5 goals out of the 14 shots they tried. The Swarm only got 3 goals out of 12 shots. The Wings had won 15-13! What was even more amazing was that this their first win after a long losing streak. All of the Jr. reporters cheered for their victory. The fans cheered really loudly.

After the game we all got to observe a post press conference. First the coach came up and spoke to us all in the conference while the other reporters asked questions. Two players came up to talk, too. They all answered the same questions, 'What happened today that made your team win that didn't happen in the other games?' and, 'Did something click in the player's minds that encouraged them to win?'

I learned how the sport is played, how to play it right, how they play it, how not to play it, and the uniforms with safety gear worn. I also learned that the players on the field with the ball have nets that are small and skinny, but the goalies nets are fatter and wider than the rest. You may learn that, too, like Sora did at her first professional lacrosse game.

They also learned really well on how to play because I got lost the ball on following the ball and I couldn't find it in the air or in the player's nets, noted Sora. They were going way to fast and I could tell they practiced a lot!!!

Sora advises to get your tickets now; and hope to get front row because it's super fun!!!

Aiyana adds, to purchase your tickets soon, because you do not want to miss a single game!

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