However, they belong to the immortal ranks of warriors who live in this residential area and still enjoy the joy of victory or pangs of defeat vicariously as spectators, grandparents or merely read the old scrapbooks when Father

Time sounds another chime on the clock of life.

In recent weeks, I have met many of you while working or doing errands in the community. In every case, our conversations contain the ingredients of past sports events and precious memories of our favorite games.

Phoenixville has a group that was formerly known as the Old Timers Association. The name was changed to the Phoenixville Athletic Association. The group meets annually to recognize athletes who have brought honor to our community. In no way does this suggestion plan to compete with the officers and board of this fine organization. Instead it is my hope to supplement their activities and draw more men into the comradeship.

So here is the plan, you Silver Centurions. Let's start with a small cadre of those who would enjoy an informal monthly lunch at various spots in the Phoenixville area. Hopefully men like Al Dvorak and his crew from the current organization would give support. The idea is to have a limited or no programs giving everyone a chance to visit and share their war stories. These are all suggestions built on a shaky foundation. Perhaps former football coaches and fans such as Hank Bernat would enjoy sharing his rich tradition with Al Dazley, who had an uncle that played for the Pottsville Maroons, reported to be the true forerunner of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Speaking of the Eagles, area resident Dick Lucas played for the 1960 Birds when they defeated Vince Lombardi's Green B ay Packers on snowy Franklin Field. Some of you told me that you were there and would enjoy seeing the narrated game film that I possess. That might be a great kick-off program for January during Super Bowl season.

This is but a preliminary discussion to see if there would be interest in such a flexible group who would enjoy holding court on a monthly basis after the holidays. Speaking of court, I know a dozen of you who would share a roundtable, regardless of its shape, about former basketball teams and the glory days of hoops as you played them.

We could get a pinning combination on two subjects each month. Lonny Moore, Dick Wolstenholme and their mat buddies would be glad to dust off a few memories.

The Hot Stove league would warm with Lefty Shoemaker, Doc Kennedy and the baseball diamonds in the real and in the rough. It wouldn't matter if your best years were in Little League, Babe Ruth or Legion baseball or beyond, it's the companionship that counts.

Men such as Tom Graham, Gene Grubbs, Rich Sim, Dave White, Butch Nattle and their gang could relive the years watching the area youth grow and mature in their baseball programs. PMYC football veterans are another gang with snow on the roof but fire in the furnace. Then there are the area softball players led by Pat Nattle, Sr. and his fast-pitch travelers. Tennis players, golfers, track, soccer stars would all have a turn with their buddies when the group decides the topics for each session.

Now all we need is your interest. We could rotate luncheon spots because the key to the plan's success is a minimum of organization with little cost and a maximum of fellowship.

I believe, but haven't checked, that the Senior Center would host us one month, the YMCA another, the school district another, plus your favorite town spots. Did I hear Friendship Fire Company, Italian Club, Polish Club, etc.

Interested? Please take a moment and write a note with your name, address, phone number and email listing to Paul Jones, The Phoenix, 225 Bridge Street, Phoenixville.

Either mail the note or drop it off at the front counter. Please mark the front of the envelope with "GG" for Golden Gladiators. If you want to include your interest or suggestions, please do so. You can also send an email direct to: The note is the safer approach. We hope to hear from you soon.

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