I am writing regarding the article, “Plans to introduce a new school property tax bill.”

I have read the entire article from beginning to end and found that their would be in my opinion no relief for the Seniors and those living on Social Security. My wife and I tried to understand what State Rep. Frank Ryan of Lebanon County what he is eluding to.

Every time a politician recommends a bill, it is written in such a way normal people have no clue what they are trying to make law. It’s like pass the bill they will catch on down the road when its to late.

Seniors, such as myself and my wife and those on Social Security should not have to pay school taxes as we do not have young people attending these schools.

The other alternative would be is to have a “Flat Tax across board,” example a 6 percent or 7 percent. This way, it would be fare to everyone. There are other states who do this now.

Also, note of interest, taxes were taking out of your pay during the days you were working a full time job. Why would they tax your Social Security and retirement monies when the tax were already taken?

— William W. Rubery,


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