Tyrrell's Tidbits: Time is fleeting

Heather Tyrrell

One of my parents' favorite expressions has been 'Time flies when you're having fun.' The older I get, the more I agree with it.

When I stop to look at the calendar, the expression definitely comes to mind. On the weekends when I'm relaxing at home I go to look at the clock and just see time slipping away.

Working as a journalist also shows me that time is fleeting. There is so much I want to cover and work on during the week. Then I have to keep our print deadline in mind and make that a priority.

I consider myself kind of a Type A person due to always being a planner and always racing against time. I can't stand it when friends or family are supposed to be planning a social outing and I have no idea of what time we're meeting or where we're meeting. (Usually this is because we are driving at least an hour to the social gathering.)

Since I've become pregnant, I've been trying to take advantage of sitting back and trying not to stress about things on my to do list. It's a difficult thing to do, but I keep telling myself, 'Just take one step at a time.' At times I still think about all of the things that need to be done around the house with preparing the nursery, cleaning and other tasks I should be doing. Even if I wasn't pregnant, I would be unmotivated to go through junk mail or take dishes out of the dishwasher. If you've read my past columns, you know that I would make a horrible housewife. I've inherited many of my mother's characteristics except for being a neat freak.

My upcoming 10-year high school class reunion has also made me think about time. (I'm not going to this one, but maybe in the future I will attend one.) It doesn't really feel like 10 years since I graduated. It's hard to believe that many people in our class have already taken steps to getting married or starting a family years ago. With some friends, I still call them my their maiden names.

As I turn 28 this week, it's another reminder that I can't stop that clock from ticking and I can't turn back time. Where did my early 20s go? My brother is turning 34 just a few days after my birthday. I am sure he is wondering where his 20s and early 30s went. I can remember when we were just kids playing with Army men figurines and super soaker water guns. Now he has his own family and come November my husband and I will have a crying baby in the house. Time does fly!

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