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It wasn't cruel. Or even a hassle.

Sure, April is the cruelest month, according to T.S. Elliot.

The only small problem with the change in seasons that my girlfriend and I encountered was that we had to carry some of our food inside because the temperature slowly sank and we were caught without our coats.

We had started to dine on the outdoor deck with the geese, ducks and birds at Fitzwater Station. After finishing our appetizer we opted to avail ourselves of the friendlier confines inside the restaurant.

Spring had fooled us. Oh, the cruelty. We'd luckily beaten the rain and had enjoyed the decidedly spring- like foray onto the paths and fields of Valley Forge National Park.

Up and down the hills we went. Often we shared the environment with many of the park's deer.

We hiked for an hour during mid-afternoon without need of those forgotten coats. What a pleasure to stroll through the park with all those blossoms and as the grass turns greener.

To the observant eye, the budding trees seem to contrast nearly as much as it does in autumn, although agreeably more subtly.

Lighter colored clothing and proms are harbingers of the season. Mother's and Father's Day also alert us to where we are in the yearly cycle.

Cooped up this past winter, and with the change of season, I find it dandy to sit outside on a random bench and think, say and do absolutely nothing.

For many, spring is simply a speed bump to the joys of summer. Spring can be just a warm-up.

It's been said that the mental institutions are full of people at Christmas time. This is likely because of the winter solstice and because the shortest day falls in the winter months.

And then, summer! Sunglasses, suntan oil and vacations.

It's tough to mope around the house when so many picnics dot the backyards.

Is there nothing better than a deck overlooking a body of water as the day cools and afternoon changes to evening, which then gradually changes to night on a day spent out and about?

During August, the traffic jams instead happen on weekends rather than during rush hour as everyone seeks a place far, far away from all the macadam and concrete.

Sooner than you think could be possible, shorts and T's will be unleashed and those bulky coats easily forgotten.

Sneakers replace leather shoes for the whole population (especially on business casual Friday's) except for the very confused.

You can tell a lot about a person by how they enter a pool, pond, lake or ocean. Do they leap in, or do they slowly become acclimated by inches?

Everything slows down when the temperature hits 80 degrees prior to 9 a.m. On those days we will prepare to stay undercover and in air-conditioned surroundings.

Most often in the summer, we feel sorry for those employees who work their shifts during mid-afternoons on weekends. But we are silently glad that it isn't us.

And likely we'll try to jam too much into those days that the sun seems to shine forever. Exhaustion. If you don't need a vacation following a vacation, did you truly get your money's worth?

So there will be many walks in the parks during the next five or six months. We won't get fooled again on those marginal days and instead will carry coats to protect us from the chill as the sun sets.

Is there anything better than a Jersey tomato or fresh picked corn on the cob in this day and age of fruits and vegetables shipped year round from land that was formerly rain forests?

So, let everything slow down. Let us catch our breath and feed our belly's with potato salad and hot dogs. May the smoke from the grill not blow back into your face.

Let's not give our bathing suits a chance to completely dry. Let us make designs in the melting soft ice cream and hope that the person at the counter makes the cone just a little bit bigger.

During the next two seasons until autumn comes to sweep us away, let the sun shine more than usual and may the rains stay away on the weekends.

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