The recent booming Bridge Street festivities have left Phoenixville with much more entertainment, shopping and cultural activities.

But more importantly, it's left the town with a need for parking.

Phoenixville is still progressing - and quite nicely we might add - with its revitalization process.

The Colonial Theatre and Steel City Coffee House often showcase sold out musical acts and shows.

The Foundry on Main Street will possibly be the home to two large chains, Kildare's and Iron Hill Brewery.

Construction is abundant, as with the new District Court building currently going up on Bridge Street.

And there are som prime spots open on Bridge st. for more businesses to move in.

Right now, if the Colonial or Steel City are featuring an enticing act or film, there's little to no parking available downtown.

The lots at the corner of Bridge and Main and behind Bridge Street quickly fill up on show nights, First Fridays and other popular evenings.

The added congestion in these centralized areas leads to some dangerous situations. People are in a hurry and racing for that last vacant spot.

Additional parking is certainly a necessity for downtown Phoenixville.

More parking would facilitate more people, hence promoting the local economy of area businesses.

A parking garage is one practical idea for the town.

Multiple levels of parking would be a great asset to Phoenixville.

More business and less frustration would be the positive effects of a public garage in town.

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