Many were welcoming me back to the page, while some were their usual cowardly selves dropping useless comments using fake aliases (and e-mails since I tried to comment back to some of them to start a dialogue).

One of the e-mails that I received I feel inclined to discuss this week, and hope to spark some interest in the public regarding some of the issues this anonymous person dropped in response to my column.

To set up the premise of his/her e-mail, this person took offense to my "By the way, VOTE SCODA FOR MAYOR!" plugs throughout.

This person first asked, "Are you against change or is there a reason? Please discuss."

So, in reply - and I am paraphrasing here - I stated that I was not against change when change was for the better, and that I didn't see any reason to have a change in leadership.

This anonymous individual returned to me a rant like none I have ever received ... here are excerpts from that e-mail edited of course to protect the innocent (this is the exact verbage used by the unknown; none of the contents were changed for grammar or spelling) ...

"... apparently you don't have much contact with the Phx Police Dept! the record of Montco and Chesco parole and probation officers. Ask them which dapartments are the most professional, and which aren't. Ask which ones THEY don't like to deal with. Follow up with local LAW ABIDING citizens and ask THEM how their police calls are handled...or if they are handled at all. Graduates of the Police Academy know which departments are desirable, or not, as to which departments are on the 'up and up' and which aren't. Find out how many officers here in Phx are activlly looking for jobs in other departments."

So, after going through just this portion of the e-mail, I wanted to dissect with you wonderful people in the public, and even conduct a poll if you will.

How many of you believe any of the accusations being made here?

The one part that really sticks out to me is "Find out how many officers her in Phx are activlly looking for jobs in other departments."

I do believe that there was a cop (name withheld) that left his post with a local township's police force to join the "demoralized" Phoenixville Police Department.

And, that first part regarding "Ask which dapartments are the most professional, and which aren't. Ask which ones THEY don't like to deal with."

I took it upon myself to do just as this person requests ... again names/townships withheld ... not a single one had a bad thing to say about the Phoenixville Police Department. Mind you, I gave a full, detailed lead into the reason I was posing these questions to these other law enforcement officials.

Now, the introduction of my poll is simply this ... you the reading public of Phoenixville, let me know what you think about the police department and especially the "job" that Mayor Leo J. Scoda has done.

I will go through all of your responses and formulate all of them - scientifically of course - and give a detailed report next week.

Back to Mr./Mrs. Anonymous for a second ... I tried on two occasions to get this individual to open up and come out of the closet about themself, but to no avail. I think it is so brave (more cowardly) of people to bash us here at The Phoenix without being mature enough to use their real names or e-mails. If you saw us on the street you would know who we are. The same cannot be said for us of you.

Some individuals need to grow up, and stop living in mommy and daddy's basement.

* * *

I know that politics is not personal, it's a business, but some of the low-ball tactics pulled by politicians just to get elected is ridiculous.

In my opinion (see below) almost all politicians are selfish, egotistical individuals that are not for the common good of you and me (hence, the pay-raise debacle). They are only in the "business" so that they can stand in a spotlight and say, "Hey! Look at me!"

* * *

Finally, this is an opinion column. Therefore, if I want to say, "I think ..." or "I feel ..." I am darn well permitted to do so.

* * *

In closing, our weekly installment of "Joke of the Week" ...

The math teacher saw that little Johnny wasn't paying attention in class. She called on him and said, "Johnny! what are 4, 2, 28 and 44?"

Little Johnny quickly replied, "NBC, CBS, HBO and the Cartoon Network!"

Only individuals who want to have a mature, adult conversation about real topics pertaining to Phoenixville are encouraged to contact Jason Feather, Managing Editor, at

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