What a wonderful event my wife Ann and I attended on Saturday morning, June 19, on the grounds of the prestigiously restored Foundry Building and surroundings. This pleasant event was the festivities associated with the weekly Saturday Farmers Market on the foundry grounds. As we enjoyed the music, the food, and other activities, I commented to Ann as to what would be there now on these grounds if it wasn't for Barbara Cohen and her outstanding contributions to our community. Perhaps it would be just another crummy old lot awaiting development. And as I pondered the grand environment that exists there today, I also thought of other outstanding developments that would not exist today if Barbara had not accepted the difficult tasks, many times with critical comments and actions to hinder their development, rather than support, associated with the revitalization of our grand old town. We now have Renaissance Park in a prime area of our business district and the adjoining mural, thanks to Barbara., rather than another undeveloped lot. We have enhanced lighting in our area, especially on the new bridge connecting our town with neighboring Mont Clare. The elegantly restored old Colonial Theater was mainly saved through her efforts as a local theater rather than at best becoming a furniture warehouse, and the list goes on. Yes, Barbara has been quite instrumental in the revitalization accomplished to date and must be highly honored for her efforts, as our work continues.

In closing, I would like to thank my friend Barbara for her untiring efforts in enhancing our community, especially in her 12 years as Executive Director of the Phoenixville Area Chamber of Commerce, and also the work accomplished in PAEDCO. It was my pleasure to work with this wonderful lady for a number of years in revitalization and especially with children involved in educating them about the special features that exist in the homes of our grand historic community. She has been and still is making our community a better place in which we all reside. Peace!

Sincerely, Emmett Gruici

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