With the balance of power in Washington shifting since the election of Donald Trump, negative press stories printed in The New York Times and other media are often conjecture and opinion — not so much objective journalism.

With most of the media in bed with progressive establishment government, Donald Trump came to Washington to eradicate it. In his campaign, Trump said his goal was to drain Washington of the bureaucratic sludge; i.e., “drain the swamp.” It’s his policy to get rid of establishment statists bent on big government because it keeps them in power and keeps the money flowing, not necessarily for finding solutions. Without problems, the government would lose some of its necessity. He’s upset the whole apple cart of American politics by his election.

Mr. Trump was not my first choice for president. I wanted someone who had more upfront style. Who didn’t talk like a New Yorker. Superficial stuff. However, while you may not like Donald Trump, the man, I believe God raised him to be the leader of the free world for a reason, just like he established all of the leaders in history, including Cyrus and Nebuchadnezzar.

The president is showing up elitists in government who believe in a deep bureaucracy that moves at a snail’s pace while he runs circles around their old, tired format. Through his strength and foresight, he’s proven to be the only man in recent times that truly wants America to survive as the nation it was founded to be...not what the elite globalists want it to be. If he didn’t get elected, the U.S. as we know it might have been on its way out even further than it already is.

I believe, warts and all, Donald Trump will go down in history as the most forward, courageous defender of the U.S. Constitution and its laws. His concern for the middle-class and veterans; respect for Israel; rolling back regulations, taxes, a rising GDP, creating the conditions for industry to come back to our shores, unemployment lows, etc. is unprecedented. In only 17 months, he has already done more positive things for America and our economy, as well as the support of Israel and beyond with his foreign policy agenda than any president, ever.

It’s easy to put down the president or magnify his flaws before the public to disparage and subjugate him. Though when one does so in the face of his accomplishments, is there something wrong with the motive or is he really the monster he’s portrayed to be?

May God bless Donald Trump.— Mary Cantell Plymouth

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