Those who read my columns regularly are probably expecting a rant about the outcome of the election. Well, that's what you're getting.

I was thinking of preparing two columns - "Dear God" and "Thank God" - depending on the election results.

I didn't think the presidential race would be called within 24 hours of the polls closing, in the same fashion as in 2000, so I thought the two columns would be appropriate.

Now that we have a winner and a concession, the "Dear God" title seems necessary.

Although, "Thank God" the election madness is over.

However, the real madness has just begun.

George EW Bush is President for another four years.

In these hours after the election, disgusted and depressed sums up my feelings.

I really wanted John Kerry to be President. He was a good man with a real plan for the country, and I think we would have benefited from his being in office.

I believe a congratulations is in order for the hundreds of thousands of new voters this year. After visiting the polls Tuesday and waiting an hour and a half to vote, I know the turnout was record high this year.

And at least Pennsylvania went to Kerry.

The Phoenixville Democratic Party did an excellent job swinging Chester County. And Montgomery County and the rest of the state did a good job too.

While I saw the local efforts work out wonderfully and pay off, I wonder what the campaign was like throughout the rest of the country.

With volunteers and voters in huge numbers, the Democrats were very successful. However, the Republicans also recruited their own side to battle the Dems and counter their votes.

I'm proud of the local responses to the local Democrats, the visit from John Edwards and maybe even my constant nagging.

We fought the good fight, but this was not our year.

During President Bush's victory speech, he spoke out to Democrats requesting support and promising to earn it. Since we're stuck for the next four years with a man the better part of the country didn't even want four years ago but suddenly changed their minds about, I'll give Bush a shot. And I suggest others follow my lead since that's the hand we're dealt in our "democracy."

If he is going to make programs to help and appeal to me, that would be fine. But I think there's going to be a lot more Christian politics in the future. By this, I mean the issues are going to be replaced by Bible reasoning.

Maybe the Ten Commandments will appear on more courthouse walls and become law.

I wonder how they'll enforce "Honor thy father and mother" and "Thou shalt not use the Lord's name in vain."

And the entire populations of Jews, Muslims, atheists and other non-Christian religions are out of luck in identifying with the leader of the free world. Tons of people are being alienated in a country that I thought was founded on the basis of religious freedom.

Critical issues aren't reaching the table like they should be. The direction the country moves in isn't gauged by gay marriage and abortion, which shouldn't be issues at all, but personal items between individual citizens.

CNN reported that more people voted on moral values than Iraq. Both candidates were seemingly stand-up guys, but one was for all people and the other was only for some. Bush excluded citizens while Kerry reached out to all.

It was a mighty close election, and there was an awful lot of red on screen. I think it's odd that even with Bush winning so many more states than Kerry, the race was still too tight to call before Ohio's results came in.

Does the Electoral College work when states with a small amount of electoral votes aren't visited by candidates? I thought one of its purposes was to guarantee attention by the candidates. At least this year the popular and electoral votes matched, much to my shock and dismay.

I'd love to scold the country right now, but this is only a local paper.

And I'm happy with my home state - once a battleground, now blue.

Today I officially changed my party affiliation. Hopefully my citizenship will stay intact despite my current dissatisfaction with my country that I love.

Viva Canada!

God Bless America.

Lord help us.

* * *

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