Kampf will fight for us in Harribsurg

To the Editor:

As Election Day draws ever closer, more and more focus is being placed on the race for Ppesident, and while the next leader of our great country is critically important, we in Pennsylvania face a critical crossroads at the state level, too.

The pension debt in Pennsylvania continues to grow, and we need to elect leaders who are willing to work on commonsense solutions to lower the debt and take the burden off of our children and grandchildren. That is why I strongly support Warren Kampf for re-election to the State House of Representatives. Warren has been a leader on pension reform and has worked on both sides of the aisle to develop solutions to this critical problem.

Warren has led efforts to move towards a defined contribution, or 401k-style, plan for all new hires. This will limit problems in the future, while upholding the promises we have made to current workers and retirees, who have not been negligent in their contributions to the system.

Beyond the pension crisis, Warren has also worked to bring jobs to our local communities. For instance, one local business in Phoenixville credits Warren and his staff for helping them navigate the red tape of regulatory agencies in Harrisburg to allow them to open their doors and hire local employees. We need this kind of leadership for our community.

Additionally, Warren has supported spending the most money in our state’s history on education, without increasing broad-based taxes. With two children, Warren understands the value of a quality education. But Warren has also fought against Gov. Wolf on his efforts to hike sales and income taxes that would hurt hard-working families like mine.

Warren Kampf has a clear, proven record of fighting for small-business owners, students and families, and that is why I believe it is imperative to send Warren Kampf back to Harrisburg to work for us. I will be voting for Warren on Tuesday, Nov. 8, and I hope you will join me!

— Eric Smith, Phoenixville

Kampf dedicated to improving life in Phoenixville

To the Editor:

I am very happy that Warren Kampf is my state representative because he does a lot for the Borough of Phoenixville. Of course, I am impressed and approve of his bipartisan work in Harrisburg on big issues ranging from education to government reform, but I am more grateful for what he does here at home. Not only is he a member of many local groups dedicated to improving our lives here in Phoenixville; he is also deeply involved in the execution of state and local policies.

As someone who commutes for two hours a day, Warren’s efforts to repaving our roads are a welcome relief, especially Pawlings Road, Route 30 and Valley Forge Road. Most importantly for the residents of Phoenixville was finishing the roadwork on Route 23 crossing the Pickering Dam Bridge. It is well known that Rep. Kampf went to PennDOT and pushed them to get that bridge open long before it was scheduled (and before the school year began). While he purposefully didn’t seek public recognition, local residents knew it was Warren Kampf who pushed hard for the oversight meetings that kept that project moving forward. Rep. Kampf also pushed the Paoli Transit Center project past its initial conceptual stage where it had languished for almost 20 years; because of his dedication, construction on this project began this summer and hopefully will continue into the next year.

Warren was also instrumental in securing funding for our historical and cultural sites in Phoenixville, such as when the Phoenixville Library needed help with their renovations. He also managed to acquire state funding for the Colonial Theatre on Bridge Street to complete their expansion. Due to these reasons above, I believe that Warren has earned our vote and another two years in Harrisburg.

— Daniel Arbucias, Phoenixville

Kampf puts children’s education first

To the Editor:

I want my elected leaders to focus on the issues that are important to me, and no issue is more important than education. State Rep. Warren Kampf clearly has made this his priority, too.

This year again, Warren Kampf supported a bipartisan budget that set a new record for the state’s commitment to education funding. I said “again” because he has actually voted for higher education funding every year he has been in office; Warren understands that strong schools help kids, help our community attract employers, and even help increase property values. Best of all, he did this without ever raising broad-based taxes.

Warren Kampf also supported a new bipartisan education funding formula that is bring more funding back to our local school districts than they used to receive.

Warren has focused on more than just money to help make our schools better. He has worked to reduce the mandates placed on schools and supported abolishing the Keystone exams so kids and teachers can focus on learning, instead of just preparing for standardized tests.

Just as important as his record is the fact that Warren is the father of two young children who attend our public schools. That means he is connected to what’s happening and cares about the same things we do.

Rep. Warren Kampf has earned the vote of anyone who cares about providing a quality education for our kids. That’s why I am voting for state Rep. Warren Kampf on Nov. 8 and want to thank him for always putting my child’s education ahead of partisan politics.

— Dave Gautreau, Phoenixville

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