Sixty-nine companies made the inaugural list of Best Workplaces for Commuters from the Fortune 500 Companies by offering outstanding commuter benefits to their employees at one or more work sites across the country, according to an official statement. Wyeth's local locations are located in Upper Providence and Frazer.

"We think it makes good business sense, overall," said Lowell Weiner, corporate spokesman for Wyeth. "These kinds of business activities can help the bottom line."

The "best of the best" employers made a special Top 20 list, representing the companies with the highest percentage of employees working at Best Workplaces for Commuters work sites.

The Top 20 employers on the list of Best Workplaces for Commuters from the Fortune 500 Companies are ranked by the percentage of their total U.S. workforce eligible for outstanding commuter benefits that meet EPA's National Standard of Excellence.

According to the EPA's Website, the percentage was calculated by dividing the number of employees working at Best Workplaces for Commuters qualified work sites by the company's total U.S. employment. Wyeth landed #17 on the list, with 38 percent of eligible workers.

Qualifications to be recognized as a Best Workplace for Commuters are having at least one primary commuter benefit, at least three supporting commuter benefits, a central point of contact and access to a regional or employee-provided emergency or guaranteed Ride Home Program.

Wyeth provides a number of alternative ways of getting to work for their employees.

Wyeth's site offers a vanpool subsidy of $65 per month, free shuttle service to local transit lines, subsidizes two vanpool seats if ridership decreases, supports a "Commuter of the Month," encourages cycling and walking through its "Foot and Pedal" club and offers preferred parking for three or more person carpools and all vanpools.

Branded as "GreenWheels" and managed through an onsite Commuter Assistance Center, these programs attempt to address all commuter transportation needs in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner.

Wyeth has coordinated commuter-friendly programs for over 4,000 employees, according to Weiner. He said employees involved in the programs now save 206,500 miles and 9,000 gallons of fuel per month, with a cost savings of $145 a month per participating employee.

The programs help emissions while educating workers about the ozone and environment.

"Originally this program began in Collegeville and Great Valley, but in the past few months four other sites have been added," Weiner said.

Other Wyeth sites that also offer similar benefits include: Sanford, N.C.; Cambridge, Mass.; Madison, N.J.; and Princeton, N.J.

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