Home sweet 'Heart Home'

tom purcell

Phoenix Property Group (PPG) project manager John MacPhee blamed the delay on rainy weather and is confident that this month PPG will sell its interest in the prospective townhome site to S&S Developers.

MacPhee said that no remediation will be needed at the Vanderslice site following removal of silt and sediments that he said are hydrocarbon contaminated.

MacPhee said that soil at the site has been tested and will be "clean from a statewide health standard for the townhomes to be built."

He also said that hydrocarbons contained in the silt are by-products of the steel cooling process. MacPhee said that the "non-hazardous materials" are leftover "machine oil."

S&S Developers plans to build 152 townhomes at the Vanderslice site.

PPG also hopes to build 1.5 million square feet of office space, luxury apartments, retail space, a train station, all in addition to the S &S townhome project and a 70-unit senior center now being constructed by Pennrose Properties at the 123-acre downtown site, to be cumulatively known as French Creek Center.

Joseph Scott McArdle, Fox and Roach Realtors Marketing Specialist, said that the ongoing work is "the first visible sign of progress."

"The project is generating a lot of new interest," said McArdle. "People are starting to seriously think about the new townhomes."

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