VIDEO: Black bear spotted in Phoenixville on camera

A security camera captured this image of this bear making its way across Dave Gautreau’s lawn Monday morning.

PHOENIXVILLE >> A bear spotted wandering around the quiet streets of Phoenixville Monday morning has left some neighbors on edge.

Reports of the animal crisscrossing the unit block of Kenalcon Drive shortly after 5 a.m. began circulating throughout the borough Monday. Sure enough, Dave Gautreau’s security camera clearly captured the medium sized black bear wandering across his lawn at 5:15 a.m.

“I looked at the video and said ‘you’ve got to be kidding me,’” said Gautreau, who previously served on borough council from 2010-14.

The idea of the animal so close to home made him feel a little nervous, he said, as he lets the family cat out every morning. The camera also picked up his wife letting out their dog at 6:07 a.m., less than an hour after the bear walked by.

“You think the worst in your mind,” he said. “Hopefully it’s just an isolated incident. You never know.”

Other neighbors agreed.“It concerns me,” said neighbor Tom Valko. “I have a small dog I let out in the morning and the neighbors across the street have two young children,”

Gautreau sent the video to police for proof that the reports were true. Phoenixville’s Office of Emergency Management posted on Facebook Monday afternoon urging people to contact authorities if they spot the bear.

“This morning, a black bear was spotted hanging out in the borough. Can you really blame him? It’s awesome here,” the post reads. “Police as well as the (Pennsylvania) Fish & Game Commission are aware. If you see it, please contact the police department non-emergency number (610-935-2440) to report a sighting.”

“Please don’t approach the bear and try to pet it, or offer it honey, cookies, a steak, or your leftover broccoli,” the post reads. “We’re looking at you, every kid on the planet.”

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