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Animal lovers, you might want to skip ahead a little bit, cuz I have some bad news. Jessica Simpson's dog, Daisy, has been dog-napped. By a coyote. I wish I was kidding.

First of all, how did a coyote manage to snatch a Malti-poo? Once you get past that, I guess the real interesting stuff starts. Jess is convinced that Daisy is still alive, and has posted pleas for her safe return on Twitter and has posted flyers throughout her neighborhood. According to Jessica, Daisy is fast and may have decided to run from her captor. Hopefully Daisy will find her way home, alive.

Continuing on with my dog theme, how about Jon Gosselin? While I suppose that he could be considered a dog, that actually didn't come out right. Anyway, he is allegedly returning the family's two German Shepherds back to the breeder. Apparently, Kate's not taking care of the dogs when Jon's not around.

I'm kind of torn on this one. I mean, on one hand, if those dogs aren't being taken care of, they should be turned over to someone who can take care of them. However, Jon shouldn't have gone and gotten a New York City apartment where he can't have the dogs. And, it's not right to take pets away from eight kids.

I was going to talk about the VMAs a little bit, but that news is a week old by now. If you missed any of the Kanye West and Taylor Swift drama, go ahead and stop by my twitter page (www.twitter.com/betsyblogs) to watch the videos and see what other celebs had to say about what went down.

Avril Lavigne has finally split from her husband, Deryck Whibley. Hm. And I thought that all she wanted was a Sk8er Boi who rocked on his guitar? Lame.

Burt Reynolds has checked into rehab at the age of 73. Apparently, he is addicted to prescription pills, and has decided that it's time to quit. Too bad he didn't wait it out for the next season of "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew." I bet that Burt would've been a pretty amazing reality show star. However, I will definitely give him some kudos for recognizing his problem and dealing with it.

Speaking of celebrities and reality TV, Bobby Brown recently signed on to be on the next season of "Celebrity Fit Club." Basically, he'll be on the show because he wants attention, but whatever.

I'm not usually into sports, but I do love pregnant ex-playboy bunnies and their husbands. Bad news to the fans of the Eagles and of Kendra Wilkinson: Hank Baskett has been officially released from the Eagles in order to make room on the roster for Michael Vick. I personally prefer the husband of a bunny to a dog-fighter, but that's just me. Go Eagles!

In baby news, Katherine Heigl and her musician husband, Josh Kelley, recently adopted a baby girl from Korea. The baby's name is Naleigh, and although I'm not a Heigl fan (it's something about those uber girly movies and the bi-otch rumors) I have to admit that she looks positively thrilled at being a first-time mommy. Again, stop by the twitter page for those pictures.

Finally, if you want to go positively insane, just check out Paris, Prince and Blanket Jackson's new monthly allowance, thanks to the death of their mega-pop star pop: $60,000 per month.

Oh, is that all? Well, uhm, Katherine Jackson is also getting a monthly allowance of $26,804, I guess just for popping out these kids. Seriously, how did I miss out on this Jack-o money train? I thought he was broke and owed money? All I really know at this point is that I wouldn't mind being one of "his" kids.

Until next time, dolls, xoxo.

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