Thai moves in on Bridge St.

Staff Photo by Leann Pettit Thai L'Elephant, now at 301 Bridge St, serves traditional Thai food, as well as some more Americanized foods. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming.

PHOENIXVILLE - Thai L'Elephant has been a part of the Phoenixville community for nearly three years. However, until recently, they have not been a part of the downtown Phoenixville scene.

In early December, the restaurant moved to 301 Bridge St.. Owner Nui Kullanna explained when she first went looking for a space on Bridge St. the economy wasn't very good and there wasn't a good space available.

Then, about a year ago, 301 Bridge St. became available, but Gay St. bridge was closed for repairs and it was no longer the perfect spot she had envisioned it to be. However, after the bridge reopened, the space was still available. She did a walk through and knew it was perfect.

While they were renovating the new space, they did not close down the old restaurant, except for one week in which to move from one space to the next, she explained.

However, Thai L'Elephant has recieved a warm downtown welcome from Phoenixville residents. "I knew I was going to be busier," Kullanna said, "but not his busy."

Kullanna is both chef and server, she enjoys seeing both sides of the restaurant business.

"I like to see the feedback, see everything," she said.

She also tests everything before it goes on the menu and before it is served. If it does not meet Kullanna's standards it does not leave the kitchen.

"I put my heart into the food," she said.

She also said that most of the menu is traditional Thai foods. While some of the food has been Americanized for people that have never tried Thai before, even that is very close to the traditional food.

The menu includes a wide variety of appetizers and entrees as well as a vegan menu. Kullanna also noted that the food at Thai L'Elephant is reasonably priced.

She added that they are looking forward to becoming more involved in the community.

For more information, visit or call 610-935-8613.

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