The first-time event, organized by the Philly Songwriter's Project, will feature live music in 50 venues in Philadelphia and five suburban counties.

Steel City co-owner Jane Tucker said that the non-partisan event will take place from 2 to 4 p.m., with plenty of music and no political speeches. The area-wide event is slated to be the largest, simultaneous music festival of original songwriters representing diverse musical genres ever to take place in this area.

"It's very important because so many people are so busy that they forget to register to vote," said Tucker. "It gives people a Sunday afternoon where they can relax, listen to music and register to vote."

Co-founder and Executive Director of the Philly Songwriter project, Dena Marchiony, said that her organization was founded in Jan. 2003 and this is the organization's first "big community splash."

"We wanted to bring a festival to the people ," said Marchiony. "We didn't want people to have to drive to Philadelphia, but instead somewhere that they could get to easily and participate in their own neighborhood."

All 50 venues are offering space for free, with employees donating their time and the musicians giving away their talents.

The non-profit Philly Songwriters Project sponsors local live music in intimate surroundings.

"We give young people a chance to be seen and heard," said Marchiony.

The organization has produced over 40 concerts with over 200 local songwriters. Details on participating venues and performers can be found on the Philadelphia Songwriters Project website at

Steel City will feature music from Seth Cohen, Ellipsis and Chris Kasper on Sept. 12.

Tucker explained why she favors the promotion of voter registration.

"In my opinion, we can't complain about our current government if we don't exercise our right to vote."

Steel City Coffee House may be contacted at (610) 933-4043.

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