ROYERSFORD >> Tuesday evening, the Spring-Ford Area School Board will begin to consider a policy change by which it will specifically disregard anonymous complaints or those made on social media or websites not operated by the district.

According to the agenda for the meeting modifications to two existing policies dealing with complaints are up for “first read.”

The first up for possible change is the policy dealing with public complaints.

The proposed addition reads: “posts and/or comments on social media websites or applications not directly made to the social media website and/or application of the district, will be disregarded and not acted upon. Any member of the public who wishes to use social media to provide comments on educational issues or other concerns must do so on the district’s social media website or application.”

It is not uncommon, on Digital First Media Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, for instance, for readers to respond to a news story with their opinion or complaint about the subject of the article.

However, according to the modification of the district’s policy, those who do so shouldn’t expect much of a response from the school district.

“The district will not comment or follow-up on social media posts or comments that are not directed to the district, nor if they are anonymous and/or not constructive in nature. Concerns about student, staff and/or community safety and well-being will be addressed and may be forwarded to the appropriate authorities.”

The second policy change to be considered has to do with anonymous complaints.

The district’s policy, adopted in 2002, already notes that anonymous communications are “difficult, at best, for the district administrative staff to address. Accordingly, anonymous communications received by district employees and/or School Board members shall be discarded and not acted upon.”

What’s new is similar language, applying the anonymity policy to social media as well.

These changes are submitted to the school board as “first read,” meaning they are recommendations and the full board will be given time to discuss and consider the changes before voting to adopt, reject, or change them at a subsequent public meeting.

The board work session begins at 7:30 and will be held in the cafeteria of spring-Ford Area High School, 350 South Lewis Road in Royersford.

Telecasts of previous meetings also appear on the school district’s website.

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