PHOENIXVILLE - With a little bit of help from the community, Phantom TV will broadcast 10 football and 18 boys and girls basketball games for 2004-2005.

The Phoenixville Area School District (PASD), in conjunction with the Phoenixville Community Education Foundation (PCEF), hopes that local businesses will support Phantom TV by purchasing spots for broadcasts of high school sporting events.

The PCEF vision supports making the Phantom TV studio self sustaining, increase community backing for Phantom TV and give advertisers a return on their investment.

PCEF supports mini-grants for teachers, scholarships for students, and backpacks for underprivileged elementary school children while supporting the Phantom TV studio.

PASD Community Relations Coordinator Nan Odenthal told school board members at last week's meeting that sponsorship deals are now available for both sports and other Phantom TV productions, including educational programming and community shows.

"In order to make this vision a reality, we must reach out into the community and get the support of business leaders for sponsoring TV shows," said Odenthal. "The funding from the shows will in turn be used for replacement equipment in the studio, software and supplies as well as the production costs that will incur after the school day."

Phantom TV is available to Comcast Cable subscribers in East Pikeland and Schuylkill townships and the borough of Phoenixville. Phantom TV began broadcasts on Feb. 16, 2004. Forty-eight different shows are to be aired for 2004-2005.

Bob Dollfus, insurance agent and owner of Dollfus Nationwide Agency, at Pothouse and Charlestown roads, is the first sponsor of Phantom football and basketball.

"We wanted to give back to the sports teams," said Dollfus. "Phantom TV has been doing a great job and it seemed like a great opportunity to have good fun while the community builds some spirit."

A sponsor will receive a minimum of 18 spots per game. A sponsor's ad will air three times per game, twice per day and three times per week. For those purchasing football packages, basketball ads are available at no cost.

Sponsorships for educational shows will include spots for Honor Society ceremonies, choral and band concerts, plays and musicals, classroom activities, awards' banquets, graduation ceremonies plus school board and workshop meetings.

Community shows broadcast by Phantom TV include Pokin' Around Phoenixville, Coaches Corner, The Historical Society, For the Health of It, Senior Moments, What's Cooking and Community Spotlight.

Phantom TV community special productions will feature Patriot Day Celebration, Community Prayer Breakfasts, special chamber meetings, the Run for Dana Marie, Day of Hope/Day of Remembrance and PCEF fundraisers.

"Our kids are receiving an incredible education," said Odenthal. "Phantom TV offers a venue for showcasing the wonderful accomplishments of our students both in the classroom and outside the classroom and it provides a service to our community."

Football game sponsors, in addition to free basketball spots, may buy spots for as low as $9.43 each, plus bonuses, which is a 47 percent discount.

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