Dotsie is approximately 2-years-old, lovable, brown/black tabby who wandered into a managed colony in South Philadelphia. The caretaker knew Dotsie was too special for the street and fostered her. Eats both wet and dry foods. Once Dotsie gets to know you she will rub about your legs. Gets along with other cats and dogs. She likes to sit next to you or on your lap while you are on the computer and be petted on her head and ears.

Jasper is a fun energetic boy who loves to play ball and hang out with his family. He is good with other dogs and likes to take walks. We are not sure what Jasper is mixed with but usually mixed breed dogs have the best traits of their breeds and can be the sweetest dogs.

Vet references and/or home visit required to adopt from Spay and Save. For more information on all the dogs and cats that Spay and Save has for adoption, call 610-277-6187 or visit

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