PHOENIXVILLE -- Filming for the latest movie by director M. Night Shyamalan, "The Happening," begins this morning at the "G" Lodge Restaurant, 1371 Valley Forge Road (Route 23).

According to Alex Apple, assistant location manager, the 20th Century Fox film will mostly be filmed inside the restaurant.

"We will be filming inside the 'G' Lodge," said Apple. "We were here Tuesday morning doing some prep work for today's shooting. Everyone likes what we've been doing so far.

"We'll be filming a lot inside the lodge, and some filming outside. We may be screwing up traffic a little bit."

"The Happening" is director Shymalan's eighth feature film, and stars Mark Wahlberg, John Leguizamo, Zooey Deschanel, Spencer Breslin and Betty Buckley.

While unable to reveal too much about the film, Apple said that the movie is science fiction thriller.

"It's about nature taking its revenge against man," he said. "It's not a political statement, but it's a very intelligent, very smart movie."

With an estimated $57 million budget, the film is scheduled for released on June 13, 2008.

As far as who'll be on set for filming, Apple said that he's been told that Wahlberg (star of "Invincible") and Leguizamo (currently featured in "The Kill Point" on Spike TV) will be there.

"I'm not sure who exactly will be there," he said. "I know that a couple of people will be there. I pay attention to the job and not who's going to be there. We spend a lot of time dealing with the local officials and homeowners that are around the set. We want to let them know that we'll be filming in the area."

"G" Lodge owner Dennis Dreibelbis, his wife, Terri Nelmas, and cook Bob Quigg will appear as cooks and a cashier in scenes that'll be shot inside the lodge.

"This is very interesting to say the least," said Dreibelbis. "I'm extremely excited. They've transformed the entire inside of the restaurant. They put up lighting and things on the wall. It's really nice."

The "G" Lodge has been re-named "Filbert" for the movie, said Dreibelbis.

He said this whole production began when a film assistant came into the lodge and started taking pictures.

"I was sitting here one day, and some guy came in and started to take pictures," said Dreibelbis. "He said he'd be back in a few weeks. He brought another lady with him weeks later. This had been going on for three months. So one night they called me and wanted to know if I'd like to meet Mr. Shyamalan. He came in the next day, looked over the place and told me we'll see him in a few weeks."

While interior changes were made, Dreibelbis said some exterior work was done as well.

"There are so many big trucks and air conditioning units around," he said. "It's unbelievable. They put in gas pumps next door to make it look like a gas station. They also brought in some older model cars to park in front of the place."

Apple said that the decision to use the "G" Lodge came after looking at various restaurants.

"It was really written with a restaurant like this in mind," he said. "M. Night likes to write everything in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. He's very loyal to this area. Everything he's made has been from the area."

Apple said that producers Barry Mendel and Sam Mercer sent crew members out to find a particular restaurant.

"(Location manager) Andrew Ullman found the 'G' Lodge for M. Night.," he said. "We go out and find what they're looking for. They looked at a lot of places before deciding on the 'G' Lodge. They liked it the best and it fit what they were looking for."

Other locations where filming for the movie has taken place so far include 30th Street in Philadelphia, along with parts of New York such as Literary Walk, Central Park, Manhattan and New York City.

Filming will take place over the next three days, and since it is a closed set, security personnel will be present, said Apple.

"It's not out of snobbery or paranoia," he said. "There is nowhere for anyone to sit or stand. The cameras will be busy filming. We're trying to keep things secure so we can accomplish what we are here to do."

In coordination with cinema production, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has announced Route 23 will be closed and detoured between Ferry Lane and Pawlings Road. Route 23 will be closed on Wednesday and Thursday, August 22-23, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and Friday, August 24, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Motorists are advised to allow additional time to travel on Route 23 during the production.

Phoenixville has become a hot spot for filmmakers. Already known for the film classic "The Blob," filming also took place earlier this year at the Prima Hotel & Lounge for "Our Lady of Victory."

Dreibelbis said he hopes the "G" Lodge will join the other establishments as a part of film history.

"I hope this film will be a blockbuster," he said. "I think our place is now a part of Phoenixville's film history."

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