Phoenixville weight loss challenge provides motivation for New Year's resolutions

Photo Provided Phoenixville's weight loss challenge has helped people loss hundreds of pounds. The next challenge begins on Jan. 10.

SCHUYLKILL - Supervisors voted at Monday's reorganization meeting to fill the following positions:

Supervisor Norman Vutz as Chairman, highway committee vice-chair, zoning management and Valley Forge Sewer authority liaison.

Supervisor Theodore Ryan as vice chairman and police committee chair.

Supervisor Kim Colket as treasurer, highway committee chair, fire committee chair, office management chair and building and grounds committee.

Mary Bird as secretary.

Supervisor Lee Ledbetter as police committee vice chair and historical commission liaison.

Uday Patankar as office management vice chair, township planning commission liaison and environmental advisory committee liaison

Richard Downs as vacancy board chairman.

James Shaughnessy as recycling committee chair and Chester County Solid Waste Committee liaison

Jack Claffey as a planning commission member for a four-year term.

Michael Alfano and Joanne Brown to one-year terms on the historical commission.

Barrie Slaymaker to a three-year term on the zoning hearing board

Berkheimer Associates as tax officer of the Earned Income Tax.

Wachovia as the prime depository for all funds.

Nicholas Cinciripino as township roadmaster.

Robert J. Sugarman as township solicitor.

Gilmore and Associates and township engineer.

John Sartor as principle contact for engineering.

Rhonda Jones as zoning administration officer with Russell Yerkes as principle contact.

Yerkes and Associates as code enforcement officer, with Russell Yerkes as principle contact.

Richard Beittel as fire marshall and Tom Cole as fire police captain.

Meetings of the Board of Supervisors will be held on the first Wednesday of each month.

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