PHOENIXVILLE -- Michelle Josette Peel, who police found allegedly asleep in a salad at Mimmo's Pizza, 240 Nutt Road, in June, was ordered to stand trial in district court Thursday morning.

Peel, 38, of the last known address of 100 block of Marshall Street, Phoenixville, is charged with possession of a controlled substance; possession of drug paraphernalia; and public drunkenness.

Prior to the preliminary hearing, Kristi Miller of the Chester County District Attorney's Office withdrew the possession of a controlled substance charge.

According to court testimony, Officer Jose Sousa said police and emergency medical personnel were dispatched to Mimmo's Pizza, 240 Nutt Road, around 3:52 p.m. June 5.

"We received a report of a woman who was passed out in her food," said Sousa. "It was a possible overdose."

Upon arrival, Sousa said he went inside the restaurant and discovered Peel was asleep in her salad in the back of the restaurant.

"I shook her and got no response," he said. "I shook her harder and she lifted up her head. She was very out of it, very lethargic.

"Staff members said that she was out for 10 minutes. I asked her if she took anything and she didn't answer. She was in such a stupor. We couldn't figure out what was going on and what was she on. We looked in her purse to see if she had taken any medications."

A check of Peel's purse revealed a used heroin bag, a needle, and two pills that police tentatively identified as Trazodone and generic Vicodin, according to court documents.

Sousa testified that staff members told him that Peel was in and out of the bathroom at least seven times within 30 minutes, and that she asked for a spoon.

"We didn't find a spoon in the bathroom," he said. "It was in her


Sousa said that Peel was seen by emergency medical personnel and transported to Phoenixville Hospital for treatment.

"It was at the hospital when she said she shot herself with heroin in the bathroom," he said.

After hearing all of the court testimony, Magisterial District Judge Ted Michaels held the charges over for trial.

Peel was remanded back to Chester County Prison on ten percent of $1,500 cash bail.

Her next court appearance is scheduled for Thursday, July 24, 2008 in the Court of Common Pleas in West Chester.

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