PHOENIXVILLE - Representatives of Builder S & S and borough officials met Monday afternoon with Vanderslice Street residents to discuss the proposed 152 townhouse development at the former steel site.

Sam Dixon of S & S Development Co. Inc., along with his associates, responded to comments and questions from 18 Vanderslice Street residents at the site. Dixon said that company representatives would gladly answer any future questions.

"We're always here," said Dixon. "We're not here to make enemies."

Several Vanderslice Street residents, including Nancy Famous, asked if the large number of dump trucks that preceded Monday's meeting had been harmful to the health of residents.

Borough manager Don Edwards told those assembled that those trucks were used to prepare the site by former land owner Phoenix Property Group.

"This project gained the approval of the Chester County Conservation District," said Edwards.

He also said that some of the ground would be covered, grass seed would be used and that he would suggest to the builder that the surface be regularly watered down to insure a minimum of dust.

Edwards referred to the site as "clean" and told the public that associated paperwork would be available at Borough Hall.

Dixon said that ground might be broken for the project this week.

Vanderslice resident Roberta Boulah was told that construction vehicles would not use Vanderslice Street as a feeder and construction vehicles would park off street, said S & S builder Sam Dixon.

"Don't invade the street," said Boulah. "We want to use our street."

Dixon also said that a downed sign, which notified motorists that Vanderslice was a oneway street, would be re-erected.

He also told residents that no additional fencing would be erected and that entrances would not be secured.

Borough Zoning and Code Enforcement Officer Mark Zeleznick told residents that no work would begin earlier than 7 a.m. any day. He also said that work on Saturdays would be limited to carpenters and those building the actual houses. No heavy equipment will be used on Saturdays.

Dixon said, while most in the group laughed, "There will be no work on Sunday. That's for both of us."

According to the builder, construction will likely start on the western portion of the property, with construction then moving east.

The first action by S & S will be to clear the area. Drainage basins will be constructed, and then both storm and sanitary sewer systems will be constructed. Water infrastructure will follow along with curbs, roads and then eventually the houses themselves will be built.

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