SPRING CITY - The second annual Spring City Cleanup Day will be held Sunday, April 25.

"We are working toward revitalization," said Brenda Hamilton. "These are the little steps that lead up to that." Hamilton is owner of The Cafe on Main Street and member of the Spring City Business Organization/Revitalization program, a community organization and business association.

Volunteers are invited to join in cleaning and beautifying Spring City by picking up trash with possible landscaping and other improvements in future. The cleanup will encompass all of Spring City's downtown with particular attention to designated areas.

"We will start at one end of town and work our way through," said Hamilton. "Whatever no body else does, we do."

Volunteers, which include children and adults, will meet at Yost Avenue and Main Street at 10 a.m. on Sunday. As with last years' event, volunteers will likely work until sunset.

Area school students and their families were previously notified of the program.

Latshaw Hardware Company at Main Street donated bags for trash and debris, The Cafe on Main Street will provide beverages and Butcher Block Meats & Deli on Bridge Street will provide snacks to volunteers.

Last year volunteers cleaned, edged sidewalks and removed abandoned cars at the parking lot at Yost Avenue and Main Streets in Spring City.

Spring City Parks and Recreation also plans to do landscaping work at the Schuylkill River area. Spring City Oddfellows donated flowers and shrubs for improvements that will likely begin in May.

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