LIMERICK -- Evans Elementary School kindergartners and first-graders are receiving a valuable lesson on the importance of hand-washing through the American Red Cross's Scrubby Bear program, which is being carried out in classrooms throughout the month of September.

With the threat of swine flu a concern for those in education settings, hand-washing techniques are being stressed especially at the elementary level, where children are in close contact with each other and their teachers. Through the Scrubby Bear program, children are taught how to wash their hands, how frequently they should be washing their hands, and why it is important to do so.

Laura McNeil, Evans Elementary School certified nurse, said she will continue to stress the lessons taught by Scrubby Bear throughout this school year.

"We will continue to reinforce the lessons these students learned in an effort to combat the spread of swine flu and other communicable diseases," said Ms. McNeil.

Evans Elementary School is located at 125 Sunset Road in Limerick.

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