Three, including former Limerick supervisor, charged with tax fraud

Mark Marino

Current expansion plans call for construction within a 36-foot-radius of the massive tree's trunk, which the township maintains would negatively impact the tree's life expectancy.

"Let's start with a really important issue, " said Planning Commission Chair Stock Illoway. "And you pay for the independent aborist."

Toole maintained that the tree is "half rotted out" and the chances of its survival are 10 to 15 percent.

Toole and planners squabbled about impact fees for both open space and roadway fees that might be accessed.

The township levies a $1,000 fee for each projected new peak-hour vehicle trip.

Toole argued that since he would be adding no new parking spaces, and the use of the building would be identical to what is now, the fee should be waived.

Township Engineer Ed Latshaw argued that the 1,500-square-foot addition to a 27,000-square-foot lot would likely add a burden to the community and lead to increased visits to the Realtor.

"Basically there will be more square footage and more employees," said Latshaw.

The township's open space rule calls for a $3,900 impact fee for each parking space, which might cost Toole as much as $18,000. He said that the fees might be cause to halt the project.

"If I had known that it has this kind of impact, I wouldn't have gone forward with the project," said Toole.

Toole suggested adding a bench to an area of open space, but was rebuffed by Township Secretary Kimberly Moretti, who said that the bench would "create more maintenance" for the township.

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