GRATERFORD -- After 13 years of taking care of other people's kids, Matt Alzamora has decided it's time to take care of his own child.

Alzamora, who has spent the last 13 years as a basketball coach, has resigned after three seasons as the head girls basketball coach at Perkiomen Valley.

Alzamora and his wife, Patty, just had their first son, Ryan, last December. The year-round demands of coaching were more than he felt able to handle now that he has a child of his own.

"I'm just going to be a dad," said Alzamora, who teaches history at Methacton. "I just won't be able to give as much time (to coaching), and that wouldn't be fair to the kids. I'm ducking out for family reasons.

"About two Sundays ago, I kind of had the realization I wouldn't be able to put as much time and effort into it. I started looking at my kid's first birthday party (next December), and I realized we had games every Saturday. I didn't want to miss anything. I'm young enough (36) that I can go back to it later if I want to. I've put 13 years of coaching in. I figured I could take a break."

To his regret, Alzamora was unable to tell his players in person that he was leaving. Since he teaches in another school district, he doesn't see the players every day. He tried to make some calls but ended up playing phone tag.

So, athletic director Larry Glanski, worried that rumors would start to spread, called the players to his office and broke the news.

"That wasn't the way I would have liked for them to find out, but I understand why he (Glanski) did it that way," said Alzamora. "I've heard from some of the players and gotten a lot of e-mails from parents."

There's no doubt the Perk Valley program received a boost from Alzamora during his three seasons in charge.

The first year, the Vikings went 13-11. The second year, PV went 15-9. Last winter, the Vikings went 18-8.

"I enjoyed it," said Alzamora. "When I got there, we had six girls playing summer league. Last year, we had 30. I think they had three winning seasons since 1986. We had three in a row. We had a lot of talented girls and a lot of hard workers.

"I met a lot of good people. I had a great time. The girls at PV were fantastic. I really enjoyed coaching them."

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