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Toll/Torrance, an 85-lot proposed subdivision on Hopwood and Mennonite roads, was tabled.


In development of the 100-acre plot, Toll Brothers requested nine different waivers including steep slope, set back, sidewalks, curbs and shade trees.

Streets and sidewalks in the neighborhood will be private so representatives for Toll Brothers argued that setback of driveways and sidewalks on both sides of each street was not necessary.

"It's a big issue for us," said Gail Latch, vice chairman of the planning commission. "I think it's problematic to not have sidewalks."

Applicants also requested to eliminate planned curbs on Mennonite Road. With development, the roadway's right of way and center line will change in order to realign and eliminate sharp corners.

Residents of Mennonite Road and its vicinity attended the meeting and expressed concerns with altering the roadway. Widening of Mennonite Road is required by township's off-site improvements ordinance.

"We don't want any change," said Sam Kurtz, resident of Mennonite Road. Kurtz and his neighbors argued that widening Mennonite Road will change the grade and create more water runoff. The residents have sewage systems in their front yards that will likely be affected. However, wetlands are located on the opposite side of the road and cannot be used.

Hickory Place resident Brian Duffy, whose property abuts the proposed development asked how close the houses would be to his home.

"We were hoping there would be a buffer between," said Duffy. A 50-foot area and screen of trees is planned for the back of the Toll Brothers neighborhood.

"I think we're looking for you to come back with everything cleaned up," said David Evans, planning commission secretary.

A representative from Eastern States Engineering and Toll Brothers said that there have been more problems than anticipated when the project began. However, the developers were willing to make changes and meet with the township again.

"At least you have a feel for what we want," said Steve English, township solicitor.

"We'd like you to come back before us before going to the supervisors," said John Hughes, planning commission chairman.

In other news, reorganization of Upper Providence Township planning commission was conducted. John Hughes was appointed chairman, Gail Latch named vice chairman, David Evans was voted secretary and Steve English was appointed township solicitor.

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