Mike Allen was appointed chairman and Andy Motel was appointed vice-chairman of the planning commission.

Planning commission members discussed making changes in approach to developers and township ordinances in regards to future development.

"We want to be more aggressive in that area," said Mike Allen, planning commission chairman. Members suggested that the commission present what is expected from a developer rather than waiting until a developer provides a sketch and then asking for changes.

"We are always working backwards," said Allen.

The planning commission is creating a guideline that would be given to an applicant at the earliest stages of development with ideas to consider.

Ordinances, such as lighting, storm water, open space and tree preservation would have to be considered by developers as Charlestown strengthens its regulations.

The subdivision and land development ordinance, which is largely an explanation of the quality and aesthetics of development in the township, will have specific details added, such as tree preservation. Movements to preserve open space will also be included, offering incentives to transfer development rights and leave some areas un-touched.

"Our objective is to preserve open space," said Allen.

Transferred development rights are a possible tool used to help set aside open space land, according to members.

"People that want to preserve their property [for open space] will lose value," said Motel. "If money is the only objective, it won't work."

Charlestown Township Planning Commission and Charlestown Township Supervisors hold their meetings at Great Valley Middle School.

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