Developer Dave Moskowitz, of the Hastings Investment Co., Inc., hopes to have builder N.V. Homes construct 173 townhomes and five single-family homes at the 21-acre site.

Moskowitz and planners agreed to set aside funds in escrow that would ensure construction of what Borough Solicitor Glen Diehl referred to as a "sidewalk to nowhere."

Funds would be used to construct a sidewalk through Phase I that would link with no other existing trails or sidewalks. "There will be nobody using them because they go to nowhere," said Diehl.

Planners also considered a plan in which Moskowitz would be financially liable for construction costs of additional sidewalks on property that he doesn't own. Approximately seven existing private property owners would be affected.

Diehl advised the planning commission that those affected non-Northridge Village residents would inherit the proposed sidewalks, along with the chore of sidewalk maintenance.

"You can require somebody to put sidewalks on their property, but it's a different thing to require somebody to put sidewalks on another homeowners property," Diehl said. "You can also require the recipient of those sidewalks to maintain them."

Townhome owners will own lots sized from 2,100 to 4,000 square feet with the average lot sized at 2,100 square feet. While lawn maintenance will be the responsibility of a common homeowner's association, snow removal and the upkeep of the townhome facade will be each homeowner's responsibility.

Twenty-five percent of the proposed development will be open space and the homes will use public sewer and water.

Two-car garages will be incorporated into two-story living space townhomes. Two vehicles may be parked in each driveway and each townhome will have access to an additional 1/2 parking space.

A central commons area of 1.3 acres might contain a tot lot or gazebo.

Moskowitz said that construction will start for each phase immediately following final approval by council.

While Phases II and III of the project were discussed, no action was taken. Location of a connector road linking the development and Township Line Road was left unresolved.

Yearly reorganization took place prior to the official start of the meeting. John Messina was unanimously elected to chair the commission. He abstained from the vote. Tom Carnevale abstained from an otherwise unanimous vote and was elected as vice chair.

Cecile Kane will again act as secretary of the planning commission. Ray Ott will resume his duties as planner. Both were elected unanimously.

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