This year the CCIU changed the way it collects payment from its 12 member school districts. Districts will now be accessed $14,159 for each full time student enrolled in the program.

PASD has 183 students enrolled at the CCIU for the 2003-2004 school year which is an increase of 37 from last years total of 146 students.

The PASD contribution will increase from $4.1 million for last year's budget to $4.6 million next year.

The proposed CCIU budget showed a decrease from 121.7 million to $113.5 from 2003-2004 to 2004-2005 in part due to a state takeover of the Classroom Plus program.

PASD Superintendent David Noyes Ph.D.. said following the meeting that there is little for the PASD to do to cut the costs associated with the CCIU.

"Our only control over these costs will be to limit enrollment only to those students that have the greatest chance of success," said Noyes. "We try to support every one of our kids."

The presentation was made by Joe Lubitsky, CCIU director of administrative services.

"We work very closely with the districts and appreciate their budget constraints and budget pressures," said Lubitsky after the meeting. "In general our programs are offered at significantly less cost than at private schools for special education children and also significantly less than a school district could offer the programs."

The board voted unanimously to pass the Core portion of the CCIU budget but voted 6-3 against the Occupation and Education budget.

Since the other 11 member school districts have already passed the measure ensuring its success, Board Treasurer Bill Mea asked prior to the vote that members vote against the proposal to "send a message."

Mea took exception with a budgeted $500,000 CCIU debt service assessment.

The CCIU set the money aside for land purchase for a new facility in the southern portion of the county. Currently the CCIU offers programs in Phoenixville and Coatesville.

"If they buy this year it will be a big surprise," said Mea.

Lubitsky said the CCIU would know more about expansion after making a presentation to the CCIU board.

'We drafted a study and the (12 school member district) superintendents gave favorable comment and asked good questions," said Lubitsky. "The determining factor is can we find and purchase land at a reasonable cost."

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