At the Dec. 8 Phoenixville Borough Council meeting, the attending council members voted unanimously to write a letter to Councilman Jeff Senley (North Ward-R), who has missed seven Council meetings, including Finance Committee meetings, of which he is the chair.

Recently, the Finance Committee has been working on the 2010 budget for the Borough, including the cutback of two Borough employees.

Council President Henry Wagner said the letter was drafted to give Senley notice that his absence on Council has become apparent and asks him to do a better job of attending meetings and representing the North Ward effectively in the future.

Borough Council members are elected to terms of four years.

2009 was Senley's second year and second year as Finance Chairman. As Finance Chairman, it is his job to lead and drive the budget process forward and help make the difficult decisions about the Borough's budget.

The 2010 budget was developed by Wagner and Rich Kirker, Council Vice President and second representative for the North Ward.

In an interview with The Pottstown Mercury, Senley said, "My constituents were completely represented through this entire process and results were given. Without me as a finance chair, I don't know what protocol would've been. I spearheaded those changes and they were made, and I'm pleased at how the budget come out."

In the same interview, Senley said he missed the last three meetings due to an illness.

The letter states, "Borough Council seeks your commitment to a better attendance schedule in 2010, or alternatively, to offer your resignation. The latter would provide Council the opportunity to fill the position with a representative who will attend and participate in Council proceedings."

Phoenixville Borough Council 's next meeting is their reorganization meeting on Jan. 4, which Senley is planning on attending.

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