BOSTON - Using the Boston Marathon's web site, we have identified 39 area residents who entered to run in the race.

According to the site, 877 runners from Pennsylvania entered the race.

Using the site's software to track runners, we have also identified those who finished the race and what time.

We have also found names of those who are registered but did not check in at the finish. Their names are indicated with an asterisk (*).

This does not mean they were injured. They may not even have raced.

Names marked with a pound sign (#) indicate that someone registered as having seen them alive through Google's People Finder service, or family members or friends have confirmed that they're O.K. through The Mercury's Facebook page.

This is not an official status listing.

What follows below are the names we found.

Pottstown Melvin Cooksey Wayne Deegan *

Michael Reisman Boyertown Tim Kriens #

William Pierce Phoenixville Eric Gaus

Philip Gilmore * Robert C. Mauch #

Kristin Oliva Meghan Rowles Patrick J. Ryan

Mary E. Supplee Royersford Leslie Randall

Limerick Donald Mack Elisha Rios

Collegeville Jamie Berge-Slack

Robert Gealy Dana R. Gehman,

Elizabeth A. Green, Dan Kane Laura Kepich

Kimberly J. Lewullis, James D. Nolan,

Anna Norton, Kent Prizer Ryan Sakmar

Doug Symonds Nicole J. Watts Pennsburg

Lorraine Levitsky * Green Lane

Daniel Rose * # Schwenksville Stanley Cohen *

Oaks Raul Olmo Perkiomenville

Stephen Hershey # Eagleville Meredith Lambert #

Chester Springs Peggy Conlon

Barbara Lombardo Kristin Weller

Bally Jerry Rossetti Birchrunville

Douglass McGee (

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