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PHOENIXVILLE -- The Borough Council has voted to guarantee the parking authority a $100,000 loan to begin implementing parking meters in several borough lots.

After council gave the authority $5,500 for a feasibilty/revenue study at its Aug. 25 meeting, it voted to guarantee the $100,000 loan without seeing the feasibility/revenue study. What the council did receive was a new narrative, provided by authority member Barry Cassidy, which lists a series of tasks and a potential scenario on how the authority plans to be up and running at no cost to the borough.

The authority plans to lease four lots (Bridge and Main, Mill Street, Taylor Alley, and Prospect Street), and establish a line of credit to enable them to do the necessary studies to implement a parking lot metering program. The borough would step forward and pay for the initial income study.

The narrative states that the authority would assume responsibility for the lots, cleaning, re-striping, general maintenance and administration, purchase meter boxes for the lots, and start making sure cars begin to move in and out of the lots without remaining parked for weeks without moving.

During this time, the authority will continue to work on developing a parking garage, the narrative states.

Richard Mark Kirkner (D-North) said that if council guaranteed the money to the authority, it should be able to look at the authority's books.

"While the loan is active, we need to get a monthly report from them," Kirkner said.

So Kirkner made the motion for council to adopt the ordinance authorizing the borough to incur lease rental debt in the maximum principal amount of $100,000 by guaranteeing a note of the Phoenixville Parking Authority for the purpose of funding capital projects and paying costs related to project operations.

Added to the motion is that the parking authority manager be directed to provide council with monthly statements, as well as execution of documents is pending of approval of the feasibility/revenue study.

Kendrick Buckwalter (R-West) said the motion should be contingent on a positive feasibility/revenue study from the authority.

"We should be shown that there is sufficient money coming in," Buckwalter said.

Kirkner replied, "If the study comes back and their plan isn't viable, it doesn't go forward."

Buckwalter asked authority member Jim Lolli what the authority's plans would be if the ordinance would pass.

"We will sit tight until we find out the results of the study," Lolli answered. "The study is on the way."

Borough Manager E. Jean Krack said that the authority's study should be back in three to four weeks.

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