PHOENIXVILLE - Beth Meadows of Phoenixville was the winner of the Grill2Go Fire + Ice Grill from ThermosĀ®, given out by The Phoenix from the new subscribers drawing held after the Dogwood Festival.

The Phoenix staff were selling subscriptions during the festival, and those who purchased subscriptions had their names entered into a drawing to win the grill. Following the festival, Meadows' name was drawn as the winner of the grill.

Meadows appeared at The Phoenix office Wednesday afternoon and was pleased with her prize.

"This is so great. I can't believe I won. This'll be our first owned grill," said Meadows. "We have one now that was lent to us. Now we can give that one back and use this one. We like to cook out a lot with our friends and family so this'll come in handy during the upcoming summer months. I guess we'll be having a lot of cook-outs in the near future."

Meadows said she'd been wanting her own subscription to The Phoenix, and figured the timing was right to sign up at the festival.

"My family has been a long-time subscriber to the paper," said Meadows. "I used to read the paper when I lived at home. My husband Dave and I got our own place and hadn't subscribed yet. What better place to sign up for a subscription than at the festival. Not only do we get a good paper delivered to us every day, we now have a grill to go with it."

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