Dressed in the uniforms of the time, volunteers brought historical findings to life with marching, drills and presentations for visitors at the Muhlenberg camp in th park.

A detail oriented and historically informed group, the Second Pennsylvania Regiment of the Continental Line strived to accurately represent the character and trials of the soldiers living at the park 226 years ago. Soldiers encamped at the original site fought as part of General Wayne's troops within Washington's army.

It was at the camp that the soldiers of that time learned to fight properly, according to Jerry Hurwitz, member of the regiment. The American army was not an equal opponent to the British previous to the training, the colonial troops with less experience in firing muskets and marching in formation.

"We want to show the public a true picture of the 18th century," said Paul Loan, who has been a member of the group for 30 years.

The encampment, which is thought to be authentic, was comprised of log cabins, soldiers in uniform and women that prepared meals or tended the men. A regiment had several components with drummers, fifers, rifle men and soldiers with muskets.

Each participant wore a self-supplied, handmade uniform that was accurate to historical findings. Different regiments had different uniforms some of which were taken from other soldiers after battle, making combat confusing, according to Hurwitz.

"It [the re-enactments] serves a good purpose," said Huwitz. "To serve the public."

The group, with more than 50 volunteers, has re- enacted events and everyday life for local, national and international groups traveling to as far as Canada and England. Additionally their performances have been featured in television specials and films.

The Second Pennsylvania Regiment is a charitable educational organization that participates in about 20 events each year. Members range in age from 18 to retirees.

"You can do a lot of different things," said Jerry Hurwitz. The regiment also performs as the Forty Third Regiment of Foot, which is a British troop that fought under King George III.

Events continue next weekend at Valley Forge National Historical Park with George and Martha Washington re-enactments.

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