Supervisors, builder John Benson and his attorney, Joseph P. Ryan, attempted to reach a compromise concerning the 29-acre development at Hares Hill and Ridge roads.

A stenographer was on hand but the meeting was not transcribed because Township Solicitor Tom Oeste told the stenographer to not record the discussion between parties. The discussion was advertised by the township as part of a conditional use hearing and usually a stenographer will transcribe such proceedings.

Benson argued that the subdivision bounded by roadways on three sides was limited concerning open space issues.

Oestes began the hearing by saying that the township sought a "centralization of open space." Cahill and supervisors argued that the portion of the property set aside for recreational open space should be set away from the roadways.

Benson called the negotiation process a "motion picture in which things change" and referred to the current plans as a "snapshot."

While Benson spoke about compromise on his part, Township Engineer Ed Latshaw said that the project was "whittled down" and "distorts things."

"This is the first plan (presented by Benson) that comes into compliance," said Latshaw.

Benson followed by asking for more of a compromise on the part of the supervisors.

"In the give and take of design, I guess you have to give something to get something," said Benson.

A few minutes later, Cahill shot back a response to Benson.

"Don't tell me that we're not doing our part," Cahill said.

Benson followed by saying "that's it, we're out of here," and Benson and Ryan left the meeting room.

Following the meeting, Cahill said that the township was committed to being fair.

"We're killing ourselves to respect their time and our time," said Cahill.

The two-story townhomes will range from 2,800 to 3,200 square feet. Each home will have two car garages with enough room to park two more vehicles in each driveway.

Public water and sewer will service the luxury townhomes, which will sit on community-owned ground.

Including a retention basin and set-backs, the property will allow for 47-percent open space on the 29-acre site.

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