The extension will last through the 2006-07 school term and is retrocactive from July 1.

Noyes currently collects a yearly salary of $139,000, and will realize an annual 5.5 percent raise, or $7,650, to boost his yearly salary rate to $146,750 for the 2004-2005 school year.

Board member Mary Parris said that superintendents are "hard to find."

"When you find a good superintendent you want them to stay the course as long as you can and we have the opportunity to stay the course longer with Dr. Noyes," said Parris. "We're getting a great deal and Dr. Noyes will get the job done."

Board member Jill Slawecki explained that the extension and raise were part of the superintendent's contract and were awarded by the board for merit.

"The 5.5 percent raise that we gave him was based on his rating," said Slawecki. "We gave him the highest rating, and the lower end of the highest raise available."

Fred Parry, school board member, called the extension and raise "well deserved."

"When he came here, he had never been a superintendent before," said Parry. "He's done some learning and brought something to the school district. One of his virtues is that he's trying to teach sound leadership principles to his staff."

School board member Robb Frees was part of the 7-0 vote and said that the contract extension is "great for the district."

"His exceptional leadership will continue to allow the district to grow and prosper." said Frees.

During an interview following the most recent workshop meeting, Noyes said that he is 54 years old and will be eligible for, and is considering, retirement in 2007. If he retires then it will follow what will at that time have been a 35-year career.

"My total time spent here will be seven years," said Noyes. "At that point I'll decide if I'm going to retire. I will be of full retirement age."

Noyes spoke about his tenure at the PASD.

"I've really enjoyed coming here," said Noyes. "It was quite a challenge. At this point, I'd have never thought we would have accomplished as much as we have heading into our fourth year. Any key in a successful superintendent is the support of the board and usually that comes when you have a community that is supporting those board members and the director of the school."

Noyes also addressed his critics.

"The board, parents, students, my staff and administrators are behind me," said Noyes. "So I don't feel any lack of support. There are people out there who don't know anybody in authority, so it would be foolish for me to take it seriously.

"If people are telling you, who are on the scene and in the classrooms, that you are doing a good job, and someone expresses displeasure, they are really angry at something else, or just aren't knowledgeable of what's happening."

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