SCHUYLKILL - Supervisors decided to continue with the traffic light set to go up at the intersection of Pawlings Road and Ferry Lane at Wednesday night's meeting.

The three-way stop sign currently in place in the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) intersection is said to be working, but the signal is still coming, according to police.

Many vehicles crossing the intersection have been observed rolling through the current stop signs, "believed installed by PennDOT without notice," said Lee Ledbetter, vice chairman of the board.

Neighbors are opposed to the light because of the masts set to be constructed in their yards. The exact placement of the poles is still being discussed, as engineers are relooking at the light design. A possible location for the mast is on the west side of the intersection, but it is on the outside of a curve. Another option is a pole on each property.

The board is contemplating restricting access to a nearby through road with a possible "Do Not Enter" sign with time restrictions. PennDOT's permission is needed for such a restriction. If the road is restricted, rush hour traffic and school bus routes would be affected, which would be problematic. A task assignment is set to look into the issue more before going onto PennDOT.

With the light at Pawlings and Ferry soon underway, the board is looking into further action into the progress of the future light at Pawlings and Route 23.

In other news, there are vacancies on both the Planning and Historical commissions, with an additional opening in the Historical commission possibly opening soon.

The YMCA addition extension was approved, as well as the Valley Forge Sewer Authority (VFSA)/Faggioli extension.

Sewer authority negotiations are continuing.

Drainage problems around Evergreen Drive are being investigated. A dye test will most likely be used to determine the flow of the excess water. Water has been observed flowing on the streets in multiple directions and under neighbors' lawns. The storm drains and pipes are being looked into to determine where the water is coming from and why the pipes are not doing their jobs.

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