STEWARTSTOWN. (AP) -- Kim Taylor thought she had set the emergency brake.

But her wayward red convertible nonetheless rolled downhill, crashed through a fence and plunged into her neighbors' in-ground pool.

Taylor called to deliver the bad news to her Stewartstown neighbors, who were in Florida visiting a relative.

"It was hard to get upset because she was so upset," Melissa Campasino said. "What could you do?"

Hours later, pictures snapped by their daughter Ashley reached Campasino and her husband Dan. The photos show the 2,300-pound Mazda Miata fully submerged -- and later being raised by a tow service.

"We just sat and laughed," Melissa Campasino said. "And then we went out for drinks."

Police estimate the car was traveling 40 miles an hour by the time it took the plunge on June 26.

The Campasinos are grateful no one was hurt. The pool can be repaired, though the car may not fare as well.

"She (Taylor) kept saying, 'I could have sworn I put on the emergency brake,"' Campasino said.

Information from: York Daily Record,

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