Sixth congressional District candidate Lois Murphy aligned herself with presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry in a speech from the podium at the Democratic National Convention in Boston on Tuesday afternoon.

"I share John Kerry's priorities - job creation, a balanced budget, affordable health care and security at home," said Murphy. "And like John Kerry, I'm running for office because most Americans - those who worry about the cost of tuition and braces and filling the car with gas to get to work or the kids to school - are working harder and harder but falling farther behind.

"I support John Kerry's plan to cut the deficit because it's the right priority for Pennsylvania's families," said the local candidate.

The Democratic candidate said that she agrees with Kerry on most issues.

"I'm not sure that John Kerry and I agree on every principle, but we do on most."

During an interview following the speech, Murphy said that she was "very, very excited by the opportunity and delighted" to be on a national stage.

"The most important thing was to give a voice to the concerns and issues of the people in my district," said Murphy.

During her remarks Murphy gave two example of constituents who "struggle with soaring medical bills, a sputtering economy and college tuition's rising fast and far out of reach."

One example was the Whitehawk family, who continue to pay bills from their daughter's birth three years ago, when mother Jessica was unemployed.

For a second example she cited Don Sauder who retired early when his plant closed and put 3,000 people out of work.

In conclusion, Murphy spoke about current politics.

"America needs new leaders who have the right priorities to a build a better, safer future together and make America stronger at home and respected in the world," she said.

"That's what Pennsylvania families deserve," said Murphy. "With John Kerry as President, and with me as the next Congresswoman from Pennsylvania's Sixth District - we'll work together to make America strong."

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