WEST PIKELAND -- Three of the five township supervisors wrote a letter to the president of the Lionville Youth Association regarding more playing fields for West Pikeland children.

This issue began last September because LYA officials asked for more playing fields for nearly 300 West Pikeland kids that play in the youth organization. The request was based upon an LYA requirement that says one field is needed for every 100 kids. Last year, the township only had 1ˆ½ playing fields at Pine Creek Park.

After several meetings, supervisors approved another half-size field at the 72-acre Pine Creek Park, which brought the number of fields up to two. And in May, supervisors decided to proceed forward with plans for another full-size field at that park.

LYA officials made a new deal with the township that the second full-size field needs to be graded and seeded by Aug. 31. In addition,

West Pikeland paid LYA $15,000 which LYA donated back to the township as directed contribution to be held in escrow by the township. LYA officials stated that the escrow will only be used to pay expenses with development of the second regulation size field at Pine Creek Park -- specifically the movement of earth, grading and seeding.

Last month, after listening to a report from the township's financial review committee, the three new supervisors -- Bob Shemonsky, Bob Barker and Richard Bright -- decided to delay the decision on hiring an engineering firm for work on the field until there is a work session meeting with LYA officials. Supervisors William Cracas and Harold Hallman III gave dissenting votes.

In an Aug. 1 letter to LYA President William LaBarge, the three new supervisors asked for "confirmation from LYA that the only requirement is an additional full-size soccer field and that LYA is satisfied that the current parking lot, access road, and single lane bridge access into the park is sufficient to support two full-size fields and two half-size fields." The letter continues, "We would also like to confirm that these two full-size and half-size fields are all that West Pikeland must provide until such time as we approach the 400 participant level."

LaBarge responded in an Aug. 5 letter on behalf of the LYA Board of Directors that the deadline for the new field is still Aug. 31 as mentioned in earlier correspondence.

"This field will be available for LYA use in the Spring of 2009," states LYA's letter. "Failure to meet this requirement could result in the limitation or suspension of West Pikeland residents in LYA programs."

In addition, LaBarge stated that "adequate parking, improved access roads and a safe bridge are West Pikeland's responsibility just as they are Uwchlan Township's responsibility for the fields and parks that they provide for your resident children."

Shemonsky said that supervisors will have to make a decision about this issue at the next township meeting scheduled for Aug. 18.

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