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LIMERICK -- A supervisor's decision to allow unqualified contractors perform work at Exelon Nuclear's Limerick Generating Station has resulted in the company receiving a notice of violation from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

According to a Dec. 16 letter sent to Charles G. Pardee, senior vice president of the company, the violation was issued because the lead maintenance technician allowed the error to occur "willfully" and then falsified documents to cover the violation.

"The issues are minor because the non-qualified personnel committed no errors or only minor errors in the performance of the task," David C. Lew, director of the division of reactor projects for NRC's Division 1, wrote in the letter.

Lew also noted that "there were no plant events or personnel safety events related to the violations" adding "there was minimal safety impact due to the (employee's) actions."

The violations, Lew wrote, "would normally be minor," but because the actions were deliberate and the documents were falsified, regulations required the NRC to increase the violation.

It was discovered during a investigation completed in June and, according to the documents provided by the NRC regional office, which is located in King of Prussia, Exelon conducted its own investigation as well.

Although NRC regulations require that Exelon submit a reply outlining the reason for the violation; the corrective steps taken and when full compliance will be achieved, the reply may be moot.

By the time the NRC investigated the matter, Exelon had already concluded its investigation, according to NRC documents provided.

As a result of Exelon's investigations, it told the NRC inspector, "if provided (the employee) the opportunity to retire and, consequently, he longer worked at Limerick Generating Station."

In April, Exelon announced its intention to file a request to extend the license on the Limerick Generating Station for another 20 years.

n 2011, the plant will have been in operation for 20 years.

According to the Exelon Web site, Unit 1 came on line in February 1986 and Unit 2 in January 1990.

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